Need to get data values from pc in network

I have temperature values (stored in *.csv) from another system stored on a computer. How can I get this values into my Vera Edge as temperature sensors? I cant find any app (I tried DataMine and DataYours, but that seems to be the other way around). How can it be done? Will somebody help me? Im new to Vera.

You will have to write code. If I were doing this I’d write a program that runs on the computer periodically. The steps would be:

  1. Figure out from the .csv file what temperature value I want to send to Vera.
  2. Make an HTTP request to post the information to a virtual device on the Vera.

The alternative (writing code to run on the Vera to pull data from the computer) is probably harder, but to be sure you’d need to describe the system in more detail and give an idea of your coding ability.


Sorry for my late reply. I have attached the file(s). I can store the temperature readings in either .csv, or in .htm. In the csv-file, the temperature i want to read is the second value. How do I make av HTTP request? Will you help me with this?


This wiki page shows the syntax of the HTTP request to Vera to set a variable.

In your case, the value being temperature, you will require something like:


…but you will already have to have created a virtual temperature device (and know its device number: “6” in the above example.)

Ok. How do I get the value from the file to something Vera can find?

I think the answer depends on your response to @futzle’s earlier question.

[quote=“futzle, post:2, topic:187979”]You will have to write code…

…but to be sure you’d need to describe the system in more detail and give an idea of your coding ability.[/quote]

Sorry for my computer skills. Is it correct that the simplest way to do this is to make a program which runs on the computer which holds the temperature file? This program we make sends the temperature value to Vera?

In that case, what do I need to run this program on the computer?

Give us an idea of your current skill level. What programming languages can you write in? If you are able to write a program that prepares the value to send to the Vera in a variable, with a big comment “TODO: send to Vera” at the end of it, then we can help you the rest of the way.