Need to control on/off pool pump zone EU

Hi all,

As I make the turn off my project, I want to control the pool pump to start or stop.

I’m in europe, and there aren’t no many solutions.

The only one I see is a on/off zwave with a contactor command in/out 230 V.

As there are no device with dry contact (hope it’s that term in english), I cannot use a 24 V command to cut my 230 V Pump.

Somebody has got more informations for help ? a device, a better solution …

Thank you.

Does this solve your issue?
I have one and plan to use it out-door the whole winter…

Hi HouseBot,

Thank you for your advice but I think it isn’t for that sort of application.

The main problem is that a motor at start up use high intensity.
It’s less expensive in my country to use a on/off switch to activate a coil and start motor by contactor.
Which is double interesting is my switch could be activated by vera or localy in my poolhouse if needed.

Thank you for your information.

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Maybe take a look at the the Duwi 054313 RF / Z-Wave Switch Set. It has a paddle for manual control and can also be operated by z-wave. It uses a relay contact to switch the live which could be used to activate a contactor relay for the pump.

Hi Frasier,

You’re right I will use a zwave switch to activate contactor.

Just an adevise for some persons who don’t know, it’s important to know what type of device you control with that sort of switch.
If it’s an inductive charge like a motor pump, it will be insuffisant. For ohmic like incandescence light it’s ok.

Thank you for the advise too.

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