Need solutions to monitor a deep freezer

I have a deep freezer on a circuit in my house that was without power for 3 days because the circuit breaker was tripped. To be notified in the future I was thinking of either getting a temperature sensor with a probe to stick into the deep freezer and alert me via the Vera or to monitor the power usage. So far the only temperature sensor I have found is the Everspring ST814 but it doesn’t say if you stick the entire unit into the freezer or if it has a probe? Does anyone else have any other suggestions I could use to monitor the temperature? Another solution I guess would be to purchase an Aeon Labs smart switch and monitor the wattage coming from the freezer, but then if the breaker is tripped the Smart Switch wouldn’t have power and wouldn’t report back. I guess you could probably have the Vera alert you if the Smart Switch hasn’t checked in after x minutes? Thank You for any suggestions.

I’m using the Arduino Sensor Plugin and have the temperature sensor running into the freezer via the drain plug at the bottom of the freezer. I have Vera set to notify me if the temperature goes above 10 degrees F. I also use Datamine to log and graph the temperature of the freezer.

FireBird what kind of temperature sensor are you using with this setup? Did you buy it yourself or did you buy one already built?

I’m using a Dallas Temperature Sensor, see the link below. I bought the parts, based on the great work by Hek here on the forums and his Arduino Sensor Plugin.

I can post some photos this weekend if you want to see the probe and the setup.

Please do if you don’t mind. Also can you list your total cost in parts and the time it took you to build it? Thank You

fibaro door-sensor has also a tempsensor input for a dallas tempsensor… that way you can monitor the temps and if the freezer-door is left open.
they have this pre-made dallas probe for sale which suits the job nicely

Da_JoJo it doesn’t appear you can purchase the fibaro door-sensor in the US yet according to their website?

Fibaro products that work in the US can be purchased from this web site in the Dominican Republic.

I purchased a Door sensor from them a month ago. The cost was $76.00 + $10 shipping. I paid via Paypal but had to contact them first for the cost and shipping details. I wasn’t able to order directly from the website. The contact was very helpful and I highly recommend them.


fibaro universal sensor is cheaper and can be used for both fridge and freezer. 2 doorsensors and multiple tempsensors supported.

How much is the universal sensor and can you buy it in the USA and from where?

uhm in euro it is around 40
from what fibaro told us they would start selling there stuff in usa in november. so that would be not so long from now. or try the shop rbakley mentioned.
here is a link [url=][/url]