Need Simple Steps to Upgrade Vera 1 to UI4

I have a Vera 1 in my weekend home that has, for the most part, been rock solid reliable on UI2 (1.0.996) for over a year. I’m taking advantage of the exchange program, although I plan to keep the Vera 1 at my weekend home, and use the new Vera 2 in my primary home. I’ll be down at the weekend home in a couple of weeks, and would, at that time, like to upgrade my Vera 1 to UI4 so I end up with both Veras on the same software, but because it’s my weekend home, I want to make 100% certain that when I leave, I still have complete remote control over everything like I have now.

I realize I could probably cobble together bits & pieces, tips & tricks, from the forum to compile my own list of steps to upgrade my Vera 1 to UI4, but I was hoping to save myself some trouble (and potentially missing anything) by asking the forum for some help.

Can anyone give me a paint-by-numbers list of steps to upgrade my Vera 1 to the latest release of UI4, along with the steps required to enable remote access/control? I don’t need lots of detail - I’m reasonably experienced with Vera - I just need to know the major steps and in what order (i.e. 1-reboot, 2-backup, 3-download firmware & install, etc.), so that when I leave at the end of the weekend, my Vera 1 is as solid (and remotely accessible) as before, and I haven’t somehow kluged anything by executing a step out of order or missing a key step.

I guess I’m just nervous - you know the old saying, if it aint broke, don’t fix it…but I want to fix it, I want UI4 :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance for the help.

If you aren’t having trouble with the Vera at your weekend home DON’T upgrade it.

What will likely happen is the upgrade won’t go as planned and you’ll spend the weekend screwing around trying to get it working and you’ll leave with a half-baked system.

Take it from me. I had UI2 and it was rock solid and everything worked perfectly. I upgraded to UI4 and everything went to hell in a hand basket. I am just now getting back to the point where I was 4 weeks ago. Even now though, my cameras aren’t working, one of my temperature sensors tanks the system when I add it, and scenes aren’t completely capable of doing some of the things I was doing before.

My advice: Play with the new Vera2, until you understand what UI4 is about, at your primary home and leave the Weekend home Vera1 alone for now.

Good luck!

I’ll second Franks experience and stick with UI2 on the V1 until you either have a lot more time. You should also wait until UI4 is no longer a Beta release as well.

Yeah, I agree, too. We’re all loving Ui4 but there are still a few bugs we’re working on.

OK, thanks for the opinions. I’ll take your advice and keep Vera 1 where it is, still running UI2, for the time being, and hold onto the new Vera 2 for my primary home.

OK, so I need to revive this thread and ask for more opinions. I’m seeing all of the information being circulated about the stability of UI4 on Vera 2, and I just received my Vera 2 as part of the trade-up program.

As you can see from the advice I’ve previously received, everyone is suggesting I leave well enough alone. But I’m getting the itch to upgrade, and will be down at my weekend home next weekend, so am looking for some additional thoughts.

My biggest concern is that I need a stable system with stable and functional remote access, because I rely on Vera for the management of my weekend home.

So, should I leave well-enough alone, or should I go for it?

So, should I leave well-enough alone, or should I go for it?

If your Vera were local then you might want to go for it, given your general background and exposure to Vera…

Since your Vera is remote, you’d be better off getting it working on your local, getting experience with it (etc) before running it remote.

This release is still a Beta, a very functional one, but still a Beta. We’ve also only seen instructions on how to upgrade when run locally.

It’s possible to work out how to do it remotely, given how the local procedure works, but you’ve got to ask yourself…

  "Do you fell lucky..."   8)

I would sit back and watch others for a little while longer. Obviously from my earlier post, things are not perfect. If I had of tried this on the vera at my cabin, I would be screwed. I know after hosing up the one at my house, I will not upgrade the remote one until I am actually there in person.

While I have someone nearby that can go in and do a button push or power cycle. Anything more would not be possible. For the remote one, its working and doing what I need and I’ll leave it alone for the near term.

For my local one, yeah I don’t mind toying with it. It’s not like my life depends on it, and I like to tweak with stuff anyway so I do tend to get into trouble from time to time.

I am in exactly the same situation - heading to the beach house for a 10-day vacation which would be the ideal time to set up my V1 there. But the Z-wave chip in my new V2 just malfunctioned so I had to revert to my V1 at home, so I no longer have a choice.

You do have a choice, and my advice is to wait until your next trip.

BTW, we created this wiki with migration tips.

Thanks again for everyone’s input.

Just to clarify, I was not proposing that I’d migrate from Vera 1 to Vera 2 remotely - I would only do that locally.

What I was really asking about was whether or not remote access to Vera 2/UI4 was stable/reliable, assuming I was able to complete my migration/upgrade successfully.

My remote access to my Vera 1/UI2 has been very reliable, and that’s probably the most important feature for me in using Vera at my vacation home. As eager as I am to get on Vera 1/UI4, I only want to do that if I can rely upon remote access I have thus far.

MCV - care to weigh in with a “commercial” for Vera 2/UI4 and remote access just to boost my confidence?

I too would like a clear path to migrate V1 to UI4. I just spent the last 2 hours unbricking the box! Simple directions or “don’t go there” from MCV please! ???