Need product with (8) DPST Relays

The relays should be low voltage (24v), with each showing up as a separate Z-Wave device.

It would be good if the product were packaged in an enclosure with power supply.

I’ve looked, but have not been able to find such a device. Please respond if you know of one.

You could look at ESP8266 relay boards. There are many options out there with multiple relay banks. Most I’ve seen are SPDT relays but depending on your supply/loads you may be able to find a creative solution. Some even come with fully integrated power supplies. Each GPIO of the ESP8266 can be assigned to its own HTTP switch in Vera. While not a Zwave solution it can be controlled in Vera if that’s what you’re shooting for.

USe Z-UNO for this. 8 channels no problem.

Do a search on ‘BroadLink MP1’ . It’s a 4 way power strip but you could plug mains powered relays into the sockets to get dry contacts? I’m looking for anyone brave enough to be a beta tester for the Broadlink plugin. Each relay would show up as a separate device :,53871.0.html

You could also look at the robot electronics PCBs. I was working on a plugin for them (but with no hardware to test on) so I have no idea if it ever worked out. Without feedback and logs it’s impossible to proceed.,32518.msg296692.html#msg296692