Need POE, PTZ , Outdoor Dome Camera recommendations to cover pool area

[quote=“Hottoy, post:20, topic:196717”]The I wanted PTZ for a couple reasons.

  1. My #1 concerns is that the pool guys will not secure the screen door latch and kids might wander in and get hurt or cause trouble when were gone for months. There is a single POE drop is and middle of the overhang of a 50 foot wide screened in lanai. There are doors on each side of the pool about 3 ft off the back of the house. I don’t see how a single camera from the middle of the house overhang that isn’t motorized will be able to see both doors
  2. My wife doesn’t want multiple cameras and the house isn’t wired for two

The image quality that you showed is far better than the current Foscam stuff I have been using inside. Maybe I don’t need zoom with that resolution but still needing PT

I tried to get another POE drop at the back of the screen cage but builder wouldn’t do it. Builders in Southern FL reject anything that is special. It took an act of go to get a drop to the center of the overhang. I probably sould have put one in each outer overhang corner instead of the one in the center.[/quote]

I started with foscams and had issues. Hikvision is a good step up you’ll be happy with. There is ofcourse better then even the lower end Hik’s that I use. I’m using only 4MP on any new installs now but have alot of 3MP like the ones I posted at more then one house. 4MP or not a crazy difference but buy them for almost the same price which is around 100ish each.
If you not using the camera for security you should be ok with a PTZ but your going to pay. Also make sure what ever you end up with has a good ad easy way to return it to a set position. Nothing like masking out areas in Blueiris then moving a camera and none of those masks quiet line up again. Zoom would also be an issue with masks. Something that accepts easy Http commands (or atleast Blueiris can do in the middle) to return to default PTZ and is fairly accurate would be a plus.