need help with switches

I’m a newb doing my best to learn, I currently reside in the U.S.

Im trying to determine my first zwave device being a single pole switch. The house is old and built in the 50s. There are only 2 wires one black and one white I’m assuming the box is grounded it is metal I haven’t been electrocuted :grinning:.

What options do I have for a zwave switch? I’m assuming I have no neutral since only 2 wires and nothing else in the gang box. I will test the box to see if it is grounded. I have tried locating old model numbers listed on other postings but all seem to be discontinued. The switch controls canister cfl’s but I am not opposed to swapping to incandescent to get it to work.

Any help is greatly appreciated and any helpful reading links you think a novice could learn from.

Ended up going with a GE 45612 for this install. No Neutral or Ground, CFLs even though they are over 56Watts combined still flicker. I tried one incandescent and rest CFLs, stopped the flickering but the dimming rate difference across the bulbs was not optimal. So in the end all incandescent.