Need Help with Conditional Statement

I’m using alarm contacts on my garage door to turn on my front spot lights as I approach the house when I press the garage door opener in my car. This only takes place after sunset using the Day/Night plugin. Works great BUT what I find is that if the door is already open (left open) and sunset arrives the spots come on. This is my current condition statement:

GarageOpen and ItsNight

The trigger that makes “GarageOpen” true is “Whenever Overhead Garage is opened whether is armed or disarmed” but what I’ve discovered that the use of the words “is opened” really should say “is open” meaning it’s not the change in state caused but opening that makes it true but the fact that it’s open period, whether it’s was just opened or if it’s been open for hours. Once sunset arrives and the PLEG fires it sees the door open and not ItsNight is true so it fires the action.

What I need is a condition statement that only goes true if the door is newly opened after sunset arrives but not if sunset arrive and the door is already open. I understand what I need but can’t figure out the statement…!

Any help would be awesome.

[font=verdana]GarageOpen and ItsNight and (ItsNight; GarageOpen)[/font]

[font=verdana]The sequence expression (ItsNight; GarageOpen) will be true when GarageOpen becomes true after ItsNight becomes true.[/font]

Thanks much, I have such a hard time wrapping my head around these conditional statements.

Yep you really need to understand these to get the desired behavior. PLEG will always do what you ask it to do.
It might not be what you intended it to do!

Should have replied, this worked perfectly, thanks again.