Need help select switches

I’ve read up a lot on vera and zwave and still couldn’t figure out what types of switches I need to start my project. I am not tech savy and DH doesn’t even want to read up on this. We have no ceiling light/ fan in the house so we are having an electrician coming in to snake in the wires/ electric boxes for ceiling fans w lights in each of the bedrooms and ceiling light in the FR.

  1. purchase veralite

  2. What is the advantage of adding separate switches fan and light over the combo? What type of zwave dimmer/ switches? Since the reviews are pretty bad on the zwave fan switches, can I use a regular fan switch + Linear dimmer switch WD500Z-1 for the ceiling fan?
    I bought the
    A. Hunter Granville from costco. It comes with a gu24 based cfl, to be dimmable, I have to replace those with dimmable gu24 LED bulbs. If I were to purchase the adapter to convert it to E26 based, would it still be dimmable?

  3. For the family room chandelier(max 1125 watt total), I would like 3 way switch, master on second floor and slave on 1st floor. The electrician said is difficult to run wires to both floors without damaging the wall. If he run the wire to the 2nd floor and install the master dimmer switch, how do I install the slave switch on the first floor since the reason I looked into HA was because we can’t run wires to first floor? What type of dimmers/ switches do I need? I saw the linear youtube, it seems that I need the Linear WD500Z-1 500-watt wall mount dimmer and the Linear WT00Z1. Do I just add the WT00Z1 to an existing switch gang box and change the face plate w and extra whole, how do I attach the wires then? or should I just go with the Lutron Caset.a But it is not zwave compatible. so frustrating

Appreciate any suggestions/ links

Double post. Answered here:,28023.0.html