Need help pairing HA01 and HA06

I would appreciate any help. In fact, I’ll be contributing back by making sure the answers are turned into instructional guides on the Wiki. Anybody know how to get any of these devices paired? I just installed them and currently have no controllers setup to operate them.

The HA01 was initially paired with the WDHA-12. I was able to get that controller to turn those receptacles on, but not off using a scene. The default Scene 3 (all off) did work to turn them off. I tried resetting with the Vera dongle to no avail. I called Intermatic Tech Support (815-675-7000) and “Mike” said I was basically out of luck. He said there is no way to ‘Reset’ these receptacles but that if I should be able to remove (Exclude) the device from the original controller. I did this, the receptacles were successfully removed from Scene 1 of the WDHA-12. Tried dongle again, nothing. Tried low power scan, high power scan, nothing. The receptacles are both within 15 feet of the Vera unit.

The HA06, also seems impossible. I’ve tried adding it via directions here. Nada.

I knew this wouldn’t be easy, but any body give me a hint? The HA06 is under the Supported Hardware list and I see many of you have signatures that include the HA01.

Please and thanks.

Did you try excluding or deleteing the devices with the dongle - a good practice to get into is before adding a new device to a network is delete it(the device) with the network controller. I have come across a number of new devices straight out of the box withe Id’s.

@kaldoon - Yep, I tried deleting them according to the directions on the wiki for resetting/excluding nodes. Multiple times, still nothing. I find it hard to believe that all my z-wave devices are faulty. It would seem more likely that the Vera and/or the Vera dongle are not functioning properly.

I’ve heard some people mentioning that they needed to leave the dongle plugged in and carry the Vera itself closer to each device. When do I know if I should do this? Any other forum members using the HA01 or HA06 care to share their experience? Do you use these Intermatic devices directly with the Vera?

I have an intematic HA03 lamp module , HA04 outdoor module, HA05 screw in module, and a HA06 dimmer switch working just fine.

when you pull the dongle and bring it to the switch, then you press and hold the button on the dongle to get it to blink quickly, then you press the toggle on the switch, what does the blue light on the dongle do? Does it just keep blinking at the same fast pattern or does it blink a bit and then go solid for ~3 seconds?

@michaelk - thank you for your reply. When I press and hold the dongle button it blinks rapidly.

I hold it a few inches a way from the HA06 switch and tap the ON / PROGRAM button (top half of light switch).

The light turns on, but the dongle continues to flash at the same pace as before. It never misses a beat or stays on for ~3 seconds. I feel like I have been very patient with the blinking and waiting for a response, but I never get it.

Repeated it a few times - turn dongle off. Hold down dongle until rapid blinking. Turn switch ON. No confirmation.

Did it work for you the first time? Did it take a few tries?

Did you get it square yet?

Sorry didn’t notice your question sooner. Yep all the intermatic stuff behaved fine the first time. Some I had previosuly paired but I used the dongle to quickly exclude and then include. Others where new and paired right up first time

I have like 5 ACT brand devices and one of those is flakey but not the intermatics.

Sounds like your dongle is screwy. I don’t know how to tell but another similar problem someone suggested maybe it was an eu dongle so it can’t see us devices on the different frequency? Maybe the dongle firmware update would help but id wait to see what mcv says- I wouldn’t want to suggest it and make things worse for you.

@michaelk - Interesting, maybe it is the EU version. , also - does it always blink for you when its plugged into the back of the Vera unit? My dongle just blinks (not too rapidly).

Can I please get a senior moderator (administrator) to comment on this and tell me how I can tell if its the wrong version? It has never worked and nobody is responding to my Tech Support requests. I don’t want to be on here begging for help everyday, I just want it to work the way it seems to for others…

Thanks again

I dont know where to get he model number haven’t even looked to see if there is a sticker or if it has the info in the vera setup pages. But in another thread someone posted that the EU version ends in EU.

my dongle blinks at a steady rate while it’s plugged in. Others report that if you do the dongle firmware update that the light stays off (or was it steady) and blinks when it is doing something.

well - several weeks and a few un-kept customer service promises later I finally received my US dongle, a few more bumps to overcome and I was in business. Thanks MCV!

…just figured I better close this thread correctly, both devices now pair fine. The HA01 receptacles did have to be removed using the dongle before I could add them. Thanks again, @michaelk, for your help.