Need help controlling a fan motor (with qubino dimmer)

This is my problem. I want to have 4 different “modes” on the fan. 0%, 10%, 50%, 100%

0% ventilation when my “kitchen fan” is active (I have a z-wave plug with energy measuring)
10% ventilation on Vera away status
50% ventilation on Vera Home status
100% when light is on in the bathroom, and stays at 100% for about ten minutes after lights off.

Would there be anyone here that could make a tutorial for me how to do this, i would gladly pay you for it(Im serious). I have tried many many hours in PLEG but i cant seem to get it right. Its to many factors for me.

OR, point me to a similar project somewhere that i can follow?

Is this the right way to start? Added these triggers:

tkitchenFanON (more than 20W
tKitchenFanOFF (less than 20W)
tBathLampOn (Status ON)
tBatchLampOFF (Status OFF)

So far 3 Conditions:
cVent100% added trigger tBathLampOn in the text field
cVent0% added trigger tKitchenFanON in the text field
cVent 50% added trigger tKitchenFanOFF AND tBathLampOFF in the textfield

Is there any better way to do it or i am i on the right track?

I see now that the OFF triggers could just be replaced by adding ! infront off the ON triggers, i guess?

Does this look better?