Need assistance with Timer based heater PLEG

Good afternoon everyone,

I have a Pleg that I have had working for awhile but decided I wanted to add some additional logic too. I wanted the Pleg to know whether I was home or not and if not home do not run the Pleg. I used the Heater example from the Pleg basics PDF file and no all I get is a continuous on/off loop on both heaters. Hopefully someone can point out what is wrong with the logic as I have not been able to figure it out.


PLEG needs to be told if you are Home or Away.

I use a ping sensor to test the condition and have a separate Home and Away PLEG as I use it as a trigger in my LED-CFL PLeg.
I guess you could also use a virtual switch or run a scene activated by a switch.

I use autovera and a Pleg to turn a virtual switch on and off depending on whether my phone is seen connected to the wifi or not. Then use this virtual switch in a few different Plegs including this one that I am having issues with.

Because your Condition AutoOn_Bathroom includes the term and Not Bathroom_HeatOn, it turns false as soon as it has caused the heater to turn on. This then causes AutoOff_Bathroom to turn true and turn off the heater. And so on…

You could drop the test for the heater being on in the first Condition. When you are home and one of the Schedules becomes true, it turns on the heater.

If there is a reason you want to suppress the Action if the heater is already on, you may need to add a little more logic and/or sequence expressions to prevent the flip-flop happening.

No reason I want to detect the heater already being on, like I said in my first post I was going off the heater example in the pleg basics PDF file.

I must fix that example when I update the document…

I must fix that example when I update the document…[/quote]

Thanks for your help, and updating the document would probably be a good thing incase someone else want’s to use that example as well.