Name of wifi network

I received the following message how to connect wirelessly

Since Vera Lite doesn’t have Wifi, you will need to conect your Vistacam to the same router as the Vera unit and follow these steps: and for the SSID your will need to enter the name of your wifi network, and for passkey the password.

How do I determine name of wifi network and password?

The default password and SSID for the router you wish to connect to should be in it’s manual. The values differ by manufacturer and since they are user definable and may have been changed, there is no fixed answer.

Do you have another device that has WiFi? such as a laptop, tablet or smart phone?

  • Do you connect that device to the Wifi? If yes, use the same SSID and password setup as you use for that device
  • If you don’t connect it, you can use it to show you available networks and see if you recognize the device you are trying to connect you camera to.
  • If the WiFi device was provided by eg your internet provider (Brighthouse, Verizon et al), contact their helpline and they will be able to assist you.

OK figured out the name of wifi network. However, it would allow me to type in the password. It seems to keep defaulting to something.

Any thoughts