Naive newbie question

Please pardon such a naive question, but am a bit confused and would be very appreciative if someone might be able to lend me some advice. I recently purchased a Vera2 and a USB-UIRT device and have successfully migrated all of my devices from my old Schlage system but am just having problems wrapping my head around the adding of an IR device. When I add a device, my UIRT is available and I can select it, then the wizard walks me through selecting the component I’d like to control. In my case, I am controlling a Sony TV. I am then selecting a predefined plugin, and when I do, and prompted with several actions to test. I found one that works to my satisfaction and exit the wizard and once done, the TV plugin is available in my UI4. From there, I select the plugin and choose to create a device - which also works successfully. However, from there, I’m not exactly sure what I need to do to the device in order to make it functional. When I open the device, the control tab is empty, the settings tab is set to default with no transmitter selected, the advanced tab is mostly empty (no parent device), and the device options is also empty.

Bottom line… I just don’t think I’m configuring this correctly. I have gone to the wiki to make sure I’m creating the device correctly, but I’m apparently just not doing something right. Is there someone that might be able to assist?



Sounds like you’ve done it correctly, however you cant control anything without creating a scene.

Create a scene (or use an existing one), then in the advanced tab select your IR plugin, and then the action you require. Save this and then test if it worked.

If the above works, then you can either try the remote tab to build a remote which can be accessed through MO, or just simply create different scenes for different types of actions (turning TV on or off etc) through the use of either a timer or another type of event etc.

To make the best use of the newly created plugin though, I recommend using SQremote if you have either an iPad/iPhone or iPod touch etc. This will give proper “remote” functionality, along with great control of vera!