Mysterious Sensor

Hello everyone, I’m new to Home Automation, VegaLite and RFX, but have spent the past week reading up on as much as possible. I have a couple of Z-Wave devices and was astonished how expensive they were for what they did - then I stumbled across LightwaveRF, and some reading later, the RFXtrx and its plugin.

I now have the VeraLite with the RFXtrx433, and it is all set up and functioning as expected - my door sensors are working, as are my Oregon Scientific Temp/Hum sensors.

However, I have one additional sensor that appeared, listed as “RFX Temp T2/35841” and I am utterly baffled as to what it is! I do have a FineOffset WH1081 weather station, which I see runs at 433MHz, and I do have the FineOffset/Viking option selected for the RFXtrx, BUT the temperature doesn’t match either the indoor or outdoor sensor on the weather station, nor does it change when the sensors do - so I am fairly sure its not that.

I do have a power meter, which is no longer in use, but the receiver in the kitchen also has a temperature display. I’m not sure what frequency that works at, but again, the temperature doesn’t match and when I switched it off, the value in the dashboard was still changing.

I also have a Drayton MiStat which is RF, but at 868.3MHz, so its not that, and also the temp doesn’t match or change.

I thought it unlikely that its any of my neighbours, they are not the type of people that would have anything like HA, nor can I see any weather stations in anyone else’s gardens, but everything I have read points to that being an Oregon Scientific sensor - so I am having to assume it is indeed a neighbour!

That said, is there any other way I can maybe find out what it is for certain - its driving me mad!

If I run RFXmngr, it seems to be listed as:

Packettype = TEMP
subtype = TEMP2 - THC238/268,THN132,THWR288,THRN122,THN122,AW129/131
channel 1
Sequence nbr = 1
ID = 35841
Temperature = 18.7 ?C
Signal level = 4
Battery = OK[/tt]

As an aside, as the FineOffset is running at 433MHz, is there anyway I can get the temperature, humidity, wind information, pressure and rain information into the VeraLite ? As I said, I saw the FineOffset/Viking option in the settings, but I don’t really know what else I need to do - having read some other posts, do I have to contect RFXCom and speak with them about it ?

Thanks for any information, I’m quite excited to be involved in HA now, its something I wanted to do for many years and look forward to expanding my system :slight_smile:

Signal level is low so yes it is probably one device belonging to one of your neighbors.

Regarding FineOffset, check on the RFXCOM web site (or the user manual) what are the sensor models supported by the RFXtrx433.
To answer to your question, except enabling the reception of this protocol and allowing automatic device creation, you have nothing else to do.

Here is what I found on RFXCOM web site:Viking, FineOffset (02035,02038, 02811)

Thank you for the replies lolodomo - I didn’t think to check the signal strength, that was a good idea :slight_smile:

I did see those FineOffset/Viking numbers, but they didn’t mean anything to me and I didn’t get a great deal of information from Google when searching. Thanks anyway, appreciate your time!