My Vera 3 is no longer working?

Try to access it and I get a message that it cannot load with some options for firmware download or tech support. Any ideas?

I should add the I have my power light and wan lights green. but I cannot get access to the unit

Is your vera unit assigned a static ip or an ip via dhcp? Check to make sure the ip has not changed. Also issue a ping on the ip to make sure that vera responds.

  • Garrett

i can ping it and it responds. but for some reason still fails to load the gui
static ip

If a power cycle has not resolved the issue, head over here:,9027.0.html

You may want to look over the instructions and see if that can fix your issue. I had a similar issue last week when I did a firmware change and the unit would not load the gui, but could be pinged and accessed via ssh. I did the instructions in the above thread and it got my unit back up.

  • Garrett

So I ended up restoring the firmware which wiped everything. Trying a restore and each backup file I try it returns an error on not being able to uncompress.
any ideas

How big is the backup file?

  • Garrett


When you restored the firmware, are you on the same firmware as the backups were on? Hopefully others can chime in.

  • Garrett