My brain is fried by INFRARED!

I finally got my Vera back and working correctly, hooked up the USB UIRT, and it worked like a dream!!! first. I set up my buttons for a A/V receiver and then went downstairs to check them. I selected all the buttons for the model that seemed to be working and saved it. Then, I went downstairs and brought up the page on my iphone to install a new IR device, selected the same receiver type, and it asked “basically” if I wanted to install another device or to “check” the one already set up. I went to check it but all the buttons had different labels then when I set them up. So now when I test the “Input 9” button and it switches from VCR to DVD, when I go to set up a scene, Is “Input 9” the “change input” button or the “DVD” etc? And speaking of scenes…AHHHH! I have no idea how to make my stereo do the things I just set up. Is there a wiki page somewhere that I missed? Help me out here please. Lastly, I have an Optoma EP 749 Projector in my theater room. None of the Optoma models under “TV” worked for it. Can we get that added or is there a way I can do it without writing code. Thanks in advance

What a subject! I was pretty sure it’s yet another spam post… :wink:

I myself just received USB-UIRT, and getting ready to relocate my Vera into basement (aargh!) so it can control my AV. I’m pretty sure SimAudio gear is not in the list, so I’ll have to figure out how to add new devices. I wish Vera had an access to Logitech Harmony database… it got everything.

ya, no kidding! MCV, do we have any instructions for this yet?