My Alerts: Device Not Responding

I have just noticed that I have several “Device Not Responding” messages under Account → My Alerts. I have about 9 switches on my Veralite and I get about 2-5 of these messages everyday. The message seems to move around different switches. It is usually followed by a “Device Responding Again” message several seconds later (anywhere from 1-20 seconds). I have relocated my Veralite to a more central location, but I am still getting these messages. I have a couple of switches 15-20 feet away from the Veralite, but the rest of them are within 10-12 ft.

Is this normal? Does everyone get these messages on their Vera? I have noticed some lights not turning off recently (from scenes), I would say a couple of times in the past 2 weeks, but I think those were also on nights that I was playing around with my settings. Is this something I should be concerned about?


I am not sure how much I believe them, but my repair/heal reports show 5 stars on every switch.

“Device not responding” is a pretty generic message that occurs when Vera sends a command to a device and does not receive a reply. This could mean a lot of different things, some innocuous and some problematic. It could be a failed device, but it could just as likely be that Vera polled a battery operated device that is still sleeping, which is not a problem.

My questions:

  1. Is there actually a problem? Is anything not working or are there any devices that are slow to respond, or does everything seem to be fine?

If everything seems fine, do nothing.

  1. Why are you getting these messages under alerts?

This is not typical for UI5, but I’m unsure about UI6. In any case, it sounds like you may have your notification/alert levels set too high.

Thanks for the quick reply. I don’t have any battery operated devices. Mostly light switches. I think I am on UI6, I am on firmware 1.6.641. I am a new owner of a Veralite (~30 days). It updated my firmware during my initial setup.

  1. I don’t think I have any actual problems. I have had a couple of instances of scenes not working, but I was messing around with my Veralite around the same time.

  2. Is there a way to adjust alert levels in UI6? I haven’t made any changes to any of my settings. Just added devices, scenes, schedules and a trigger.

I am getting these messages quite regularly, 2-5 a day and it seems to affect all my switches.


You are using UI6

If everything works, I wouldn’t worry.

The alerts must be a UI6 thing. I suspect that they can be suppressed. Perhaps a UI6 user can offer more than I.

I have the same problem with UI6, random devices show this alert. For now I cleared everything and maybe open a support ticket.

I see the same messages on my veralite with 4 devices on it. However, the only device that gives out this message is the Schlage door lock.

Are you guys still getting these messages?

I get them only for one Fibaro PIR and it happens to be the furthest away from my Vera 3.

I was getting them on UI6 and ignored them, but I’ve since upgraded to UI7 and I’m still getting them. I was happily ignoring them, but when I started testing my security, I found that that PIR was tripping. It can’t be setting my alarm off and not reachable at the same time.

Any ideas?