multiple Veras on multiple networks: Dashboard access only for same-network Vera

I have been using a Vera3 to control home automation at my house for several months and it has generally worked as advertised with a few minor issues. I am able to access the Vera from my local network or remotely.

I want to home-automate a summer cottage (with its own internet connection and network), so I got a second Vera3 hoping for the same success.

The only information I could find indicated that the only way to add Vera’s to my MIOS dashboard, is to have them be on the same network. Since the two houses will never be on the same network, I figured that I would just have to create another account in MIOS (and another account in GetVera, since they seem to be different entities, which I still don’t understand), which I did. Each account has a different username - username1 for Vera1 and username2 for Vera2. I figured that when I wanted to login to the MIOS dashboard for Vera1 at house1, I would use username1, and when I wanted to login to Vera2 at house2, I would use username2. Pretty simple.

Here is the problem. If I am at house2 where Vera2 is connected to the local network2, and I use my computer (which is also on local network2) to try to login to Vera1 at House1 using username1, the MIOS system logs me in seemingly “successfully” with the following message: “You are not allowed to control this unit.” Apparently, even though I am using username1 which is only supposed to be associated with Vera1, it thinks I am trying to access Vera2 (presumably because the computer is on the same local network). If I repeat the same exact scenario, but disconnect Vera2 from network2, then logging in as usnername1 from a computer on Network2, correctly connects me to the MIOS dashboard for Vera1 at house1. (Oh, and I can access Vera2 using username2 when using a computer on network2, although I don’t get the “normal” MIOS dashboard, I get the local Vera3 interface - which never happened when I was using my first Vera. Not sure if that is relevant…)

So I think I understand what is happening. However, this seems absurd. It means the only way I can ever login remotely to a Vera is if I am not currently attached to a network which has another Vera on it. Anybody know of a way around this problem?


Update: I went back and tried to repeat this several times. Now, even with the Vera2 offline, I cannot remotely access Vera1 from my computer on network2. It gives me the same error “You are not allowed to control this unit.” I don’t know what I am doing differently than the first tries.

Having the exact same issue. Looking to have multiple veras on 1 MIOS account. Veras on on separate networks at different addresses. There seems to be a dropdown in the upperleft of the MIOS screen where you can choose serial numbers. However, when trying to add more veras it does not seem to work.