Multiple triggers/conditions in scene to be met


I am new in this forum. I have bought a Vera-Lite with the purpose of controlling my heating system. I have looked for a similar question in the forum but couldn’t find it.

I would like to switch off the boiler once all thermostats in different rooms reached the setpoint temperature. Creating a scene I can add different triggers, one for each thermostat, but I need that “ALL” the triggers/conditions are met before the boiler is switched OFF.
To switch it ON again, I need just “ONE” of the triggers to be met. That is fine.

How can I implement the first (AND) rule to switch it OFF?

Thanks for your help in advance.

BR/ Juan

You need the pleg plug in. You can easily configure an array of triggers and have actions based on AND or OR statements.

So you’d create triggers for each room thermometer (room1_cold, room1_warm-up, room2-cold, etc)

The boiler_on action WOULD be (room1_cold OR room2_cold OR…)

Boiler_off would be (room1_warm AND room2_warm AND…)

Thanks for your response.

Hope I can use that plugin. Somehow I cannot access my vera-lite over, just through and the UI seems to have less options, at least compared to the guides I have found on internet (look more intuitive).

You can’t use mios with UI7. There are lots of options, but you have to dig.

Otherwise, do you really want all to be met or higher to turn the boiler off. What if someone has a window open on a cold day? You could end up baking the rest of the house. I recommend an averaging methodology, as an option for your control point…

How is handled now? If you are using a boiler with radiators, it would be better to have local z-wave valves at the rad to regulate each space.

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I will use radiator valves (Danfoss Living Connect or Stellaz, to be tested). The valves will close the radiators when the setpoint is reached. I think these devices close the valve if the temperature quickly drops, like when a window is open, but yes, an average criteria is a good idea.
Thanks for your tip.

With PLEG you can use the + operator on triggers.

So if you have input triggers:



You could use a condition like

HouseNeedsHeat (Room1Heat + Room2Heat … + RoomNHeat) > 3

Many thanks.
Is there any PLEG tutorial where I could read about it? I am using UI7.


Is there any PLEG tutorial where I could read about it?

See PLEG Basics.

I am using UI7.

The above guide was written for UI5. It still applies to most of PLEG functions under UI7 but see [url=,29896.msg212145.html#msg212145],29896.msg212145.html#msg212145[/url] for how to use the Actions editor.

Has anyone a recommendation on a boiler controller?
Would be OK a zwave ON/OFF switch to turn OFF the boiler when all thermostats have reached the desired temperature, or ON when one of them is under that value?