Multiple notifications sent for same thing.

Are multiple instances of the same notification (being sent late) due to the server issues?

I got bombarded last night. My dashboard showed one sensor alert, but I got a notification every minute for the next six hours.
I noticed the servers where down, so I accessed my Vera via LAN and added a new door sensor device. Soon after I was overloaded with notifications, even after I disable every option I know for notification. They just kept coming.

There is a “system Status” page that you can subscribe to for e-mail alerts on the degradation of the vera back end.
I woke this am to a flood of e-mail warnings as well.

But yes… there are server load issues right now.
I can’t even log into the web console at this time.

Bumping this rather old thread, as I’ve searched the forum and cannot find any answers. I’ve got a notification setup for my Schlage electronic gate lock, and I’m currently having a contractor do some work on my weekend home. Everytime he punches his code in when he arrives in the morning, I get like 12-15 notifications, all for the same event. And because I have text notifications also setup, I’m getting the same number of text messages.

Any thoughts on why I’m getting so many notifications for the same event? I’ve checked my notificaiton settings and there’s nothing I can see that would account for this.