Multiple Homes and iPhone App

I am new to Vera 2, but am contemplating installing it in two homes (main home and vacation home). I understand from a prior thread that Mi Casa Verde will combine accounts so that two Vera’s can be controlled on one account (please let me know if this is no longer the case!). What I am wondering is how the iPhone app handles multiple homes. Does anyone have any info on this?




The MiCasaVerde vera account handles multiple vera installations without a problem. I have three installations under the same account.

Ivera, which is one of the iphone apps, will also handle multiple installtions of vera. I know there are other iphone apps for vera but I can’t address them…


Thanks Don! I’m psyched.

Is all of this user-configured now, or do I have to ask MiCasaVerde to combine the accounts manually?

Hi –

You get to choose how many MIOS ( overall accounts to create. Each MIOS account can handle many vera specific accounts…


Ah. So I have my first account set up on When I go to my vacation home, how do I add the second Vera2 to the account (rather than creating an entirely new 2nd account)? Thanks!

I just installed a second Vera 2 a few weeks ago. I believe after you install the new Vera 2, one of the setup pages that will appear (after the firmware updates) will ask you if you want to sign in to your account. Once you sign in to your MiOS account, all your Vera boxes will appear.

Now how do you merge all of the rooms and devices on each device into one master list?

I want to create scenes that involve both controllers. One is in my house and one is in my garage.

Sounds like bridging your Vera’s?

You may want to have a look at this as well. MediaPortal plugin.,8920.0.html

I use Automator.App and it works very well. See,18.0.html

I have 2 homes and iVera has a problem with that. If the last used system goes down/is not communicating iVera will not open and allow access to the other one. iVera is also not capable of AEM energy management or the pool controller and has shown no intent to upgrade.