MQTT Bridge for Luup engine

I’ve just released my MQTT Bridge for Luup engine plug-in.

This is a MQTT Bridge for Openluup and Vera Platform (Luup engine).
This could help integration with other ecosystems (Tasmota, Shelly, Home Assistant) using an external process, running indendpently from your Vera/Openluup installation. It’s fast, lightweight and it’s not crippling your Luup engine stability. Right now, it’s only receiving messages. Sending will be implemented soon.

Limited to updating variables, other actions could be implemented soon, depending on requests.

Main use case is to have virtual devices updating instantly in your Vera/Openluup UI, with no need to poll the device anymore.
I will update my own OpenSprinkler plugin to leverage this in the future and avoid polling.

It works better with my own Virtual Devices Plugin, so you can create virtual device, trigger them and update their status instantly:


New version updated to .net 5, more stability and support for owntracks and raw messages.

Did anyone ever make use of this and, if so, success?

Me and a couple of other people, than I’m aware of. Openluup got this natively, so if you’re running it, it’ll be semi-automatic.

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