Moved my Vera

For a variety of reasons I moved my Vera to the other side of the house. I own a big house that is a bit challenging with RF propagation. I am now having trouble reaching the switches and modules that are now further away from Vera. I had assumed that since she could talk to all the modules on both sides in the old location it wouldn’t’ matter. I have manually run a heal now three times and still having trouble. Do I need to rebuild my network scratch again?

What version of Z-Wave are you running?
2.78 or 3.20?

It shouldn’t matter if you move the controller running 2.78, but if your running 3.20, double check your controller is PRI:YES I dont believe a heal network can change the routes if it’s PRI:NO



Thanks… I am running 3.2 and PRI:yes

Also what indication do I get when a heal is done? I have about 60 nodes no battery, just lights witches and controllers.

[quote=“aschwalb, post:3, topic:168986”]I am running 3.2 and PRI:yes[/quote]Ok, good.
I’m guessing you ran a heal network with reconfigure devices?
If so, it may take some time to get you back up and you’re probably going to have to perform more heal networks (without re-configure devices) but in the meantime…

what indication do I get when a heal is done?
If you go back to the page where you started the heal, there is a drop down box that should contain your Heal Report. 60 nodes is going to generate quite a few pages of information. Look it over and in particular, look for "Edge Node" data for the devices you are having issues with which may indicate the problem.

If you’re still unsure or dont get a resolution I’ll see what else we can do to help.