motion sensor - light switch stops working

I have the following setup
HomePro ZIR000 motion sensor
Intermatic HA03 Lamp Module
Leviton VRP03 Lamp dimming module

I have a scene setup when motion detector is tripped, turn both lights on and then off after 10 mins.
I also have the motion sensor to stay armed.

When the motion sensor is physically close to Vera, it seems to work repeatedly. When I put it in my
closet where it is intended to be used, it will work for several hours and then stop. Vera status
indicates the motion sensor is tripped, but the lights do not turn on. I wait a couple of minutes for
the motion sensor to rearm and trip it again and no lights. Neither lighting module responds, but the
status of the motion sensor shows it went from armed (green) to tripped (red).

Are there any debugging tools that can be used here to get something simple like this to report what
is happening.? I am running the latest firmware 1.0.523


I moved the sensor back closer to vera and it still does not trip the lights. it
still arms and trips but no lights. I removed the dongle and replaced, no change.
I rebooted vera, no change.

Any help would be appreciated.


First Enable Verbose Logging from Advanced->Logs, then trip your sensor and after you can send us a trouble_report from Advanced → Tech Support.
All the logs are in /tmp/log/cmh/ . You should see the messages coming from the Sensor in DCERouter.log .

For this motion sensor to work correctly it’s very important that “Vera managed your associations”, Vera should be the Master in your Zwave network, not other hand controller.

You should create a scene with an event type: “An Armed sensor is tripped” / Motion Sensor / The Sensor is tripped and in the commands group add: Turn On light[1,2] / and after 10 minutes / turn it off.

Arm the sensor and test it.

PS: Don’t forget to disable Verbose Logging after you’ve finished testing.