Motion last tripped greater than X

I am trying to add a condition based on several inputs.

Basically if the back door is opened (door sensor) and the light sensor is less than 21 and if the motion sensor hasn’t been tripped for at least 5 minutes.

I think back door open and light sensor conditions are working well but I can’t seem to get the motion sensor last tripped > 5 minutes working.

Can any one offer some pointers please?

Current setting is:
BackDoorOpen AND (KitchenLightSensor < 21) AND (KitchenMotionLast > 300)


You need to use a Sequence expression. Assuming you want to check the time from when the motion sensor was last tripped at the point that the door is opened, try this:

BackDoorOpen AND (KitchenLightSensor < 21) AND (KitchenMotionLast; BackDoorOpen > 5:00)

Rex, I think he was asking for when the the MS last detected motion? e.g., no motion = turn lights off


First you need to decide… is being exactly 5 minutes after important, or can you be approx?

Also, take in consideration when your Motion sensors reset their tripped state… many are 4 minutes. I changed mine to be 5 seconds.

For many things, exact timing IMO is not needed, thus I use the NOW constant (NOW is checked by PLEG every 60 seconds). An exact timing would require starting a PLEG timer - thus adding another input and more logic. Not worth it IMO for most things - like this.

Examples below will work for you:

make the ‘KitchenMotion’ input true when the motion sensor is Tripped.

(!KitchenMotion; NOW > 5:00) … will be true in 5 to 6 minutes

or (!KitchenMotion; NOW > 4:00) … will be true in 4 to 5 minutes

for more a complex example check out…,14544.msg110490.html#msg110490

How do you change the reset time in ui7? I looked in advanced settings of the sensor but didn’t see anything obvious.