Motion detector to active

How should I change this example if I wanted to execute certain action every time there hasn’t been motion in the last minute? Tried to negate those triggers but it didn’t work. E.g. to switch off a light when there hasn’t been any motion.[/quote]

You are going to have to start a timer when there IS motion. And then execute when the timer expires. Using a Condition with Repeats turned on, and a Schedule set to Self Re-trigger. Take a stab at it and post the status PDF if you get lost…[/quote]

Thanks, seems to work with the following setup (didn’t need repeats-option):

cPIRtimer: tMotion [–> action: starts sPIRtimer with type “Self Retrigger”]
cPIRnoMotion: !tMotion AND (tMotion; !sPIRtimer) AND !sPIRtimer