More Jasco / GE Dimmer Questions

Hey everyone,
Does anyone know how to configure the Jasco/GE dimmer so that a single click will go to 100% instead of the last dim level?
I have some motion sensors that raise the lights to 40% at night but then when I want them to go to 100% holding the up button has become irritation.

Thanks in advance if you can help!

These dimmers(GE 45612) utilize a last dim level feature that is not configurable.

When I push the switch, the lights come on slowly. When I turn them on via authomationhd, they come on 100% immediately. Does anyone know if I can configure that behavior (100% immediately) on the switch?

A scene controller would allow you to raise the lights to 100% at the push of a button, but you are talking about spending money if you don’t have that already.

You can do want you want using lua code or easier using PLEG Plugin.

The basic logic is this-

Use case 1: if the motion sensor trips AND The light is not already on, then turn light on to 40%

Use case 2: if the light is turned on AND the motion sensor did not trip right before it turned on, then immediately raise it to 100% output

In scenario 2 what will happen is that when you turn it on via the switch, it will first go to the last dim level but then almost immediately (with no intervention from you) turn all the way up.

Hope this helps,


@TC1 - This is a good idea. Creative.

Love it! I didn’t think of that!

@garycschellerer - please let us know if you are successful or need further assistance/ideas, every tested/proven solution helps us all :slight_smile:


So I just realized the light switch is too close to the dimmer. So, it is typical to have motion when pressing the switch.
Thanks though… still creative idea.