Months long schedule

I have a condition reading my Netatmo temps inside and out and if the temp outside is <= to 2 degrees below the inside temp AND it’s summer time, send me a notice to turn on the house fan. All of my conditions are coming true with the exception of my s_SummerTime.

s_SummerTime has an absolute start date of *-03-01 with a time of 00:00:00 (I even tried 00:00:01 to be safe.) and an Absolute end date of *-10-15 with a time of 23:59:59. (I had all zeros here once too.)

As you can see in the Sched Status attachment, the last true and false are 0. Do schedules not allow for a large span?

Did you define this before March 1st ?
If not, then it will not be triggered until NEXT March 1st ?
You can change the current value with the “Toggle Schedule State” in the schedule editor.
From then on it should follow your schedules.

NOTE: PLEG is event driven … I do not look at the start and stop times to determine the correct state … At the specified time I change the State to the value indicated.

Ah, that makes sense. I did create the schedule before 1 March, but it was a different date at that time. I changed it, but it was after 1 March.
I was thinking it was more conditional. “It’s after 1 March, set to true.” But I see now that it’s past 1 March and won’t trigger again until next year.

Thanks. I toggled the state and will see if things fire off as they should.

I toggled and the state became true. However my notification didn’t trigger. I didn’t spend anytime looking at it at the moment but did today and I noticed that the state is back to false, yet I didn’t toggle it back. Should it retain its toggled state during a LUA reload?

Yes it should retain the state on a restart … It should only toggle at a scheduled time … or manually … or when it is first initialized.
Did you notice the time that the value was change (From the status report) … does it correspond to a Vera Reload ?

I didn’t noticed when, or why, it was toggled to false. I just checked it again, ~24 hours after my last post, and it is still in a true state. I did a few LUA reloads yesterday too adjusting conditions and notifications. I’ll keep an eye on things.

You can monitor the Status report … it will show the last time the schedule was true and the last time it was set to false.

Last true - 2017-03-18 12:03:35.037. Pretty sure this is when I manually toggled it.