Monoprice Dual relay

I installed this into the switches per the diagram. I am not having any luck. After reading some posts are n-switches required? I am trying to use the stantard way switches.

You can use a single standard switch with the Monoprice dual relay.

You have either not wired it correctly, or you have a bad relay.

Hmm I’m thinking maybe I got the line out to the light instead of the inbound load, I searched the web for pics and videos on the three switch there is just not much out there.

Is the relay working otherwise, i.e. the Z-Wave portion / should be able to get this going without any external switches?

After re-reading this post; I’m wondering if you are making yourself clear.

Are you trying to use a single switch to control a relay on the Monoprice? If so, then see the previous answers.

Are you trying to use multiple standard switches for a 3-way connection to the Monoprice? If yes, then you cannot use standard two pole switches and must use the appropriate n-way switches. For example:

1 Switch: Use a standard two pole.

2 switches: - 3-way switch ===== 3-way switch -

3 switches: - 3-way switch ===== 4-way switch ===== 3-way switch -

4 switches: - 3-way switch ===== 4-way switch ===== 4-way switch ===== 3-way switch -

Thank you z waver