Monoprice Door sensor dry contact

OK so I just got this and I want to trigger it from an external relay. Only issue is it doesn’t seem to trigger when the contacts are open or closed. Reading what little information the manual does have [url=][/url] it says that it sends an alarm signal (type 01, level 11) which is what is says for the tamper switch too (type 01, level 11). So what does this mean and how can I capture it. I don’t see anything changing in the advanced tab. I don’t care if I can see it in the GUI but I would like to use it as an input to PLEG. Thanks in advance.

The problem you having using the magnet with no external switch or only when you use the external switch? I also don’t think the tamper switch reporting works. And if the external switch reports same or from tamper switch it might not work. But first things first does it work with only the factory built in magnet?

Last few posts is where I read awhile back that Vera doesn’t see the tamper switch. Not sure if it’s related in your case, but here it is.,22753.msg153362.html#msg153362

Sorry I didn’t mention it. Yes using the the magnet works properly. And I have read that vera does not respond to tamper switches. I guess I am just wondering what a type 01, level 11 signal is and is there a way to use it? BTW the magnet portion does work very well and these are the cheapest I have seen I am just hoping that this part can be made to work as well.

Well I think that raps up your anwser. Until vera fixes that problem they are not going to work. Its not a problem we can fix as you seen in the link I sent. Maybe respond to that thread as those guys might have an update or a more technical anwser. But if vera doesn’t read it its not a plugin software problem we can fix.

The PDF does not show the PC board, but if this is like other wireless door / window contacts… can you short the reed switch to make it trip?
if you where just using it for a hardwired use this hack could work. If they are cheap enough to make it worth it.

[quote=“jimpapa, post:6, topic:181416”]The PDF does not show the PC board, but if this is like other wireless door / window contacts… can you short the reed switch to make it trip?
if you where just using it for a hardwired use this hack could work.[/quote]

That is a great Idea and will work, if your up to soldering to the board.

Monoprice are 30.22 plus tax or shipping depending where you are.

Eversping is 37.95 free shipping no tax.

So about 5.00 cheaper if you want to wire and solderit up. It’s a personal preference, but it’s not worth it to me.

I’m 30 min from Monoprice and I pickup locally from them (mostly for cables and wire) Their products haven’t failed me, but for 5.00 and having to solder to the main board (to bypass the reed switch) isn’t worth my time or solder.

Agreed that it is not worth the time and it doesn’t look like Vera are too responsive to bug posts. So I will use this for a basic door sensor and go for an everspring for external input. Thanks Guys.

Sorry for the bad news

I already have the monoprice sensor that I was using for another project. Now I’m interested in repurposing it with either a relay or a reed switch for use with my wired doorbell. What exactly would I need to short to make it work? From this thread it seems I can’t just hook up a reed switch like with other door window sensors?

Stupid question but I have to ask… You are not using the magnet at the same time as the screw terminals correct? Magnet is nowhere near transmitter? Seems to me the screw terminals would be attached to the same points that others are suggesting you solder wires to, that’s the only reason I’m asking.

I’m not using the magnet at all now. I want to use the screw terminals to connect to a relay so I can generate a zwave event when the doorbell is pressed.

This thread is the first I’ve seen that suggests the dry contact may not work properly with the Vera without some kind of modification. Am I misunderstanding?

I haven’t bought the relay or wired anything up yet. I’m just wondering whether I need to order a different dry contact sensor or if I can use the one I already have.

Touch a piece of wire to the screw terminals and the door sensor should show as un-tripped, remove wire and sensor should show as tripped. If it does this you should have no issues connecting the dry contacts of a relay to it.

I should have thought of that. Thanks, I’ll try it!

We already went threw this in the beginning of this thread. this sensor doesn’t report the external contacts the say way as the built in ones. It sends a tamper command which VERA currently doesn’t read. So the dry contact are useless on VERA (at this moment and has been for some time, don’t ask me when it will be fixed).

So if you want to use it you need to solder you contacts or a piece of wire (then hook your contact to that) stright to the board where the built in contact is. Post close up picture of the main board and we can point out where.

Yes dry contacts on only a monoprice sensor doesn’t work.

It looks like that there may be a potential fix in the soon-to-be-release 7.12 (see below). Like others, I am trying to use this together with a wireless doorbell receiver

— Response from Vera Support —

Hi John,

Thank you for contacting us, I?ve done some research and ran a few tests in our offices and I can confirm this is working for the Vision ZD2102 door/window sensor which looks to be identical to the Monoprice version. The tests were done on the upcoming 7.12 software version and once released you should be able to use the external switch correctly. Once the new firmware update is available please test this and let me know of the results.

Thank you.
Kind Regards,

Just in case someone comes to this thread late - I can confirm these work with the external dry contacts. I have several of these, and the manual actually indicates that you SHOULD use the dry contacts if you have a door that can open two ways. (I’ve attached a screenshot of the manual - dated Dec 2013 - 6 months before this thread)

I have tested this myself and it works as it should. I am planning on using it for a mailbox trigger, and wanted to mount the transmitter outside the metal mailbox. I connected a regular door magnet switch and it works fine, and it detected by Vera fine. If it matters, I have Vera Edge on UI7.

It also does NOT appear engage the tamper switch. When the tamper switch is open the light is continuously lit. This is not the case when opening and closing the dry contacts.

I’ve been very satisfied with these. For what it’s worth, they present themselves as a Vision ZD2102.

vision / monoprice ZD2102-5 external sensor does not work by default
there’s a parm that needs to be set to 1
where do I add this?
I don’t see it in the displayed options.

Open the “Device Options” tab for your sensor, click “Add Configuration Settings” which will bring up an empty configuration set. Under "Variable’ add the number 1, under “Data Size” select 1 byte dec, under “Desired Value” type 255, then press “Save Changes.” You’ll need to wake up the sensor in order to have the config changes happen immediately. Otherwise it will update the config the next time the device wakes up.