Monitoring switch status

There have been some posts about temperature monitoring for a freezer, but I’ve not had much success. Many of the posts are old, so I was wondering if there were new solutions. (Woke up to find $400+ of meat thawed out in garage freezer)
-Need a monitor, preferably linked to Vera (ZWave, Zigbee or Insteon) for when temp goes above 5 degrees F
-Freezer is metal, about 75’ from Vera; have several repeaters nearby and work well
-Have a Monoprice smart monitor, which can tell me when the “state” changes e.g. on or off, but only when a signal is sent
-Will also tell me when energy use falls below x
-The problem is that if the power is out, the switch can’t transmit it’s status… Is there any Luup code which would check a device and report if it’s not reporting back? Don’t want to wait a day to see if it’s not working.

Any suggestions for Temp monitoring or “state” monitoring would be most welcomed.

You might try this Ranco Digital Cold temperature control available on Amazon

I have two of these that control both my attic fans. You can wire the AC temp control to an Z wave or Insteon AC outlet that can notify you when the outlet becomes live at a temperature that you set. I use Insteon outlets that work well with Vera
My attic fan outlets become live when the attic fans turn on and go off when the fans go off at 90*
You would set the temp for your freezer to turn on the outlets when the freezer temperature rises above zero or whatever temp you set


For this to work, your Vera will need to be on a UPS in case the whole house loses power. If the freezer is plugged into a Z-wave outlet, set up a scene to turn the outlet on once a minute. This won’t hurt anything since the outlet is already on. If the branch circuit loses power, the communication will fail. Under “Users & Account Settings” —> “Notifications” select “Device Error Alert (a device in your Vera is not working properly)” You’ll get an alert that the device didn’t respond.

The Ranco looks interesting as well. When you say you have wired it to the Insteon wall switch…can you elaborate a bit.
I’m not the best on wiring things…but can handle a soldering iron OK.
So the freezer on/off could be controlled by the Ranco, or it just sends an “on” request to the Zwave or Insteon, and that is monitored?
Thanks in advance for your help.