monitoring openLuup reloads

Does reloading openLuup ALWAY involve running this script??

I am asking because I would like to add a little lua script to append to a log file when openLuup reloads - I assume it should be in the loop ?


reload loop for openLuup

@akbooer, Aug 2015

you may need to change ?lua? to ?lua5.1? depending on your install

lua5.1 openLuup/init.lua $1

while [ $? -eq 42 ]
lua5.1 openLuup/init.lua

Yes, but I don’t recommend that you do change it.

The easiest approach to doing what you want would be to write to your log file in the Lua Startup code that is also run on every reload.

yes would prefer that but I wasnt sure how early it would run in the process - if you recall I had a problem with altui asking for multiple reloads (up to 9/10) very early on in the process