Modifying Parameters

I just installed my VeraLite controller this week, and so am very much a newbie. However, my Remotec ZTS-110 thermostat seems to be inaccurate (display temperature is 2 degrees high) and I would like to change the sensor calibration. From the manual, I see that I need to set parameter 13 to 0xFE, but I have no idea how to actually do that. I have stumbled around on the “Device Options” menu, and tried to input 0D in the “Variable” field and FE in the “Desired Value” field. But when I save nothing seems to happen. When I then look at that variable, the “Current Value” now says “undefined”. Any input would be appreciated.

I would try to set variable 13, select data size as 1 byte hex (unless the manual says otherwise on the size), and the desired value to FE.

I have this thermostat. Before you get too technical, look for “swing” in the manual. This is supposedly supposed to help with energy whereby the thermostat will allow a swing of +/- 2 degrees. I have my swing set to 1.

So it is often possible if I set my temp to 73 on AC that during the hotter part of the day it will get to 74 before kicking on and potentially 72 if the house temp dropped. Does that make sense? This reads from the ambient temp so hope what I’m saying is related to your question.

Thanks, but the real issue that I was trying to address is the actual calibration of the thermostat. I have set other temperature sensors next to it, and the Remotec always shows temps that are 2 degrees higher. Obviously I can adjust for this (i.e. set the thermostat to 76 if I really want 74), but as long as I am trying to learn how this stuff works I thought that I might as well try to set the variable.
A worse problem is that the batteries run out every 4 days. I called and wrote support, did an exclude/include, and have had no luck in resolving this. To be more technical, it seems to be stuck on “Always Listening” mode rather than FLiRS. No one has been able to tell me how to actually check to see what mode it is using. Surely one of the parameters on the dashboard indicates this, but no one seems to know… Is yours using batteries?
Technical support told me to try exchanging the thermostat, so I’m waiting for my replacement to show up.

Ok. I don’t use batteries for that reason. Bit there is tripped and armedtripped variables. You could force a 0 if they are 1’s but I’m not sure what to say. Can you prove the temp sensor is correct?

Hmmm… I don’t see any variables called “tripped” or “armedtripped” on the dashboard for that device. You have a ZTS 110? If worse comes to worse, I can always go buy a transformer, but then I have to pull new wires, etc, etc. What a pain.
As far as proving the temp sensor, I have put several other thermometers alongside, and it is always 1.5-2 degrees higher than the others. I don’t want to make too big of a deal out of that, however. The only reason that I ask is that the documentation makes it appear the thermostat calibration can be adjusted, and I have been unable to make it happen.