Is it possible to trigger scenes with modes or just devices?

Install the House Modes Plug In and you can trigger scenes based on a Mode change or change the Mode from a scene.

Thanks, will check this out.

Can I create more modes? I could use:

How do I define what triggers each mode?

No, you can’t create more modes. You can use the day and night plug in, and there is a little bit you can do to limit the scenes to only trigger during certain modes (on the last page of the scene wizard you an set what modes the scene can run in.

But if you need to use true “AND” logic (aka Home Mode and Night) you will need to either use conditional scene LUA code, or PLEG.

If you are using the House Mode plug in it creates a device that you can use as a trigger for scenes.
If you are trying to trigger a mode change, then create a scene that changes the device that the Home Mode plug in creates to a the mode you want.

Thanks. I’m wrapping my head around this. Have the House Mode plug in. I can now set modes in scenes. Is there a way to trigger scenes in modes?

Is there a way to define triggers for modes? I know I can geofence for home and away. How do I define when Night activates? Or vacation?

Yes for triggering scenes from a mode, just use the device the House Mode plug in created as the device to trigger on.

Now how you want to trigger Night is up to you. You can create a scene that always sets it to night at sundown, at a specific time, or something else. I trigger night at my house when I arm my alarm system to stay (have my alarm system integrated into Vera). Vacation, you probably just want to do that from the app. You can also use a device like a minimote to trigger a scene.


How is night normally (without the house mode plug in) triggered? Manual only?

I use PLEG and set schedules for Night Mode. We tend to go to bed early during the week so Night is on at 9:30 pm, 11 pm on Saturday night. Night Mode ends at 5:30 am except Saturday and Sunday, it ends at 7 am.

It would be nice to have two night modes, one for when home and awake and one for after going to bed. (maybe a third for when not home)


In UI7 it is simple to add time restrictions to a scene trigger. So if you have a trigger for when the House Modes plugin changes to away you can set the days and time window you want this trigger to be able to fire. E.g. Mo-Fri 8:00 - 18:00. If you also want Sat and Sun, but with a different time window, just add a second trigger to the same scene, again for when the House mode changes to Away, but now set the days for Sat & Sun and the time window you want.

Each trigger you add is an Or function, so the scene gets started when trigger1 or trigger2 or … fires.

Have fun.

Cheers Rene

Thanks. It would be nice to be able to add and rename modes.

PLEG can cause reevaluation of conditions when a mode changes.

But based on your question … you might want to configure your modes
with a Virtual(Multi) Switch, the Day or Night plugin, and PLEG.

With the Day Night Plug in, I’m able to create scenes for the various modes I need based on Vera Modes and time filters.

This is great.

It would be nice if I could trigger scenes with scenes (I know…pleg)