MMS Device Not Authenticated

Hi – I just added my 3rd Vera, and it autoupdated itself to UI6. I thought I’d just bite the bullet to see how it goes, and for the most part things are working. However, when I try and access with AutHomation in remote mode, I get “MMS Device Not Authenticated”. Any guidance if there is something in UI6 that needs to be set to allow devices to access it?

I am running Authomation

The servers are set to vera-us-oem-relay12.mios… and vera-us-oem-relay11.mios… I did not explicitly enter them into the fields (since I did not know which to enter) when I set up the connection. I do have the MMS checkbox set.

Thank You

You might want to clear app data in android if you installed over the old version you had.

Otherwise I use the server ending in 11 as the primary and secondary. Whatever comes up in the URL now under normal circumstances is the primary.

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Try changing the order of the server in the “Active Server” field. If it was use

  • Garrett

Thank you for the suggestions. I ended up calling in to MCV support and removing myself from UI6 auto update, then I downgraded. All is well… for now.