Mixing Veraplus and Veralite

I switched a long time ago from Veralite to Veraplus. I face a lot of issues with devices connecting to my Rfxcom plug in the Veraplus. It was working better with my Veralite. So I plan to awake my Veralite and dedicate it to Rfxcom. So few questions.
What happens with Zwave network ? Both boxes are working with the same or two different networks are working simultaneously ? Is it working without any mismatch ? What about the user interface ?
Is it possible to build scenarios using devices connecting to both boxes ?
I certainly forgot others questions and I am very interesting on users experience of such configuration.

Hello @geoay,
The Z-Wave network from both controllers would be working independently. They should work fine without too much interference since the communication with the devices is mostly of short duration.
You should be able to bridge both controllers if they are on UI7. Find more information here.
Hopefully, other users will share their experiences if they have a similar system.
Kind regards!

Hi @geoay

I have the rfxcom plugin running on my VeraPlus, what issues are you seeing ?

I am coming back…
Most of the device connected to my RFXCOM aren’t detected by my Veraplus.
One exemple, the most critical, the OWL CM160 used to check house électricity power doesn’t appear in Veraplus devices list.
When I connect this device directly to my PC it works perfectly.
Everything was running with my Veralite.

First thing to do is check/confirm what version you’re using, and ideally move you on the latest version from @tinman - also I assume you’re using the Rfxtrx433 transceiver from rfxcom ?

Once you’re on the latest , we are likely better placed to help by comparing apples with apples (version wise) :slight_smile: . I’m fact, once updated it might be best to channel your rfxcom questions there.