Missing devices and devices randomly turning on/off

About a week or so ago I logged onto my Vera Lite (running 1.7.481) and noticed that all my devices had disappeared. I was rather annoyed by this given the amount of time and effort it took to get them all added, configured and working, particularly the Fibaro Relay and Dimmmer switches.

Thankfully, I managed to get everything back by restoring an old backup but since then my devices have been acting strange. I’ve had one device disappear, and other devices randomly switch on/off - either Fibaro modules or TKBHome plugs.

Does anyone have any advice of things to try? Should I exclude/include everything?



I’ve had devices disappear again, normally the same devices actually, which is odd. Each time I do a restore and things seem to be ok for a while and then it happens again.

Also, devices are still turning on by themselves. I was at home today and twice I noticed that all the lights had switched on.

This is starting to get a bit silly. What is the point in having a home control system to turn off lights and media devices to save electricity if they will randomly turn themselves on when I am not here?!

Is it UI7? Is it a faulty Vera Lite unit?

I’ve reported this to Vera support and although they have taken they have not given me any feedback on possible causes.

Has anyone else experienced these issues?



I had that happen in the past (devices randomly turning on/off). Since I installed the latest UI7 update a few weeks ago it has not happened.

Hmmmm, well that is weird; these issues did not start happening until some point after I upgraded to UI7.

To further complicate things - or rather to make things more weird - I switched off the Vera unit early today because almost everything was switching on, and things are still switching on!

I’m at a loss as to what to do. If things are still coming on even though the Vera unit is off, does that mean I’m haunted?! :wink:

Perhaps I should take the “nuclear” option - as we like to say at work - and exclude everything form the network, factory reset the Vera unit and just start from scratch again. I don’t want to do that unless I have to…

I am on UI5 and sometimes have this happen. Suddenly all lights and TV’s will come on. Looking at the logs and it doesn’t record that anything came on. I find that cycling the power of the Vera resolves this for a number of weeks/months before it happens again. No idea why.

Hi Cavester

Well, in some respects I’m glad I’m not the only one. Then again I am disappointed to hear that you are experiencing it with UI5 as well.

I’ve emailed Fibaro technical support, and also Versternet as they sold me the Fibaro modules and their pre- and post- sales support is really good normally.

I’ll let you know what responses I get.