MIOS Update Utility

After installing the MiOS Update Utility it changes the icon and behaviour of my Everspring ST812 into a temperature sensor (icon and device type file). But it is not a temperature meter, it is a floodsensor.

So after installing MIOS Update utility this device is not working anymore. And also my scenes are now not working anymore.

If I change back the device type file to motion sensor manually (D_MotionSensor1.xml) as it was before, the app changes it back to “D_TempLeakSensor1.xml” again and places it in the “no room” section (room information of device gone).

This must be a bug of the mios update app…

Anyone same experience?

UPDATE: Even after de-installation of the app my flood sensor is being changed into a temperature sensor and placed in the no room section. It’s useless now.


I can confirm this not only on a Vera 2 but also on a vera lite running the latest Public Beta firmware.

Anyone else spotted this?



Problem : Mios Update utility module not created Version :: 1.0

After the installation of the plugin in my Veralite 1.5.622 , when clicking on the plugin , it says " Mios utility plugin created #xx" but there is nothing created in the MODULES TAB

Looks like a new Mios Update Utility update was pushed in the last couple of days. I analyzed a diff between the original that came with 622 and what was installed when I installed the Mios Update Utility app after.

Here is some of the changes what I found:

Zwave Products File: (rev 9148)

Aeon Door/Window Sensor
NorthQ Power Meter
Everspring HAC 01
Everspring TSE03 Door Bell
2Gig CT100
Express Controls Ezmotion+ / HomeSeer HSM100

MTLC Motor Control
MTLC 7 Button Scene Controller
MTLC 3 Button Scene Controller
Everspring ST812 Flood Sensor
Fibaro FGBS221
Aeon Panic Button
Vitrum BS Dimmer and Switch
Z-Wave.me 4 Button Key Fob
Fortrezz SSA3 Strobe Alarm
Aeon HEM 2nd edition
Vision ZS6101 / ZS6301 smoke/CO detector
Schlage BE469NX
Philio PAN04 PAN06
Wenzhou TKB TZ04 TZ06 TZ88 TZ08 TSM02
GE 45604
Schlage/Ecolink Door
NorthQ Gas Meter