mios: NTP Settings ?

anyone has an idea how to change the NTP settings on the box ?
i want it to use my own timeserver inside my lan. somehow the DHCP options are beeing ignored by the vera lite

There is a config file somewhere under /etc. Dig around and you are sure to find it.

the wrt seems not to take care of this on a veralite.

here is no deamon running or installed.

Did you install ntp?

  • Garrett

garret, no i was hoping mios does the time sync somehow on ntp basis.

the openwrt has some time syncing but it seems not to work on the ntp standards
if i change he timeservers in /etc/config/timeserver by adding my own it does not update at all.

all other machines (routers, modems, my macs, windows, ip cameras using the same server with zero issues, just the vera does seem not to like it.

Look at this thread for starters:


Vera sets the time at boot. NTP is not installed by default.

  • Garrett

vera seems to use some sort of ntp … but maybe a different type or so … i was hoping to just “ajust” the existing one

well “just” installing another ntp wont kill it too (i guess) :wink:

thanks anyway

Vera uses RDATE …

This only sets the time when Vera is powered up … this means the network has to be running when Vera Powers up … If you have power cycles that take out your router, (Cable Modem ?), and Vera at the same time … it might be that Vera restarts before the network is up … then it will not get the date properly.

NTP is a continuously running program that will keep the date updated … But you need to install more software … and that takes memory … and memory is the most limiting factor on Vera … So if you have power problems you might just need to setup NTP.

Or you could put your network infrastructure on a UPS.