Mios Marketplace - Filename already used !

I tried to prepare a future release of the Sonos plugin on the Mios Marketplace. But for each file I tried to add, I got an error “Filename already used”. Is it a bug ?
The plugin is not yet in the Marketplace. Or is it ?!
How could the files including “Sonos” in their name be already used ?

I have a stub Sonos entry on apps.mios.com, that was setup at the end of 2012, but I could never get your account name to match the email credentials you supplied so that site was failing it’s validation for contributor/participant registrations.

Anyhow, since I couldn’t register you as a participant, I never went as far as pushing the source code into the publishing service so it must be elsewhere in the system. You’ll need to contact Florin (etc) to resolve it, probably best to do via PM since they don’t actively read the forums. In the past, even “deleting” the files doesn’t help, they need to be fixed up by MCV’s team.

BTW: I filed this the other day, to handle the dup plugin filename case(s):

somewhat apropos that this topic comes up.

ie. Let us create duplicate files, segregate them in the Runtime system instead. It’ll scale better :wink: