Mios.com login problems

cp.mios.com seems very slow this morning. Either it is impossible to log in due to timeouts or there are timeouts trying to load from my Vera. Anyone else seeing issues?

I am unable to connect, as well.

Seems to be working better now

I can’t get in to my control panel either. Pain in the neck… seems like every time I try to log in remotely they are having problems with this.

yet another reason for the need of secure local access fully decoupled from findvera.com when will MCV listen?

Same here. Can’t connect.

Same here. It was off and on earlier but now nothing. I hate not knowing if it is my controller or the MCV system.

I use findvera.com with a vera 1 and have not been able to get in since Saturday. I was getting mySQL errors sunday and today the page seems down. cp.mios works but it appears incompatible with my vera1 on UI2

still waiting for an official response here… helllloooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

I have the same problem with findvera.com. I thought this should effect a lot of people?! but did not see many comments here.

findvera is back up with a warning

This service doesn’t benefit of updates anymore and it will be discontinued in nearby future.
You can choose to upgrade your Vera to a current release, which will use the new, improved cp.mios.com servers.
These new servers have redundancy to prevent outages and improved notifications.

unfortunately findvera/mobile is not working, but findvera/mo is, but the login gives me a 503 error.
The only use I have for findvera/mobile is the smartphone app.

Looks like I may have to be dragged kicking and screaming in to the uncertainty of UI4 (still in Beta, I think) eventually, even though I’m content with my UI2’s stability. Frankly, I’m not ready to sink the time into an upgrade. Just a quick look at the “new” upgrading faq says I have to upgrade to an intermediate FW of 1.1.1062. I have no problem with that,


The automatic scanning of http://micasaverde.com/vera2 detects that I have a Vera 1 and prompts me to upgrade to the latest FW (which is newer than 1.1.1062, but I can’t tell what it is right now since mios is down again) , but I’m really confused

Why is there no warning that I need an intermediate FW here?
Is update page wrong or is the faq in wiki wrong?
Why can’t it do the intermediate update first, or provide a download link?
More importantly, will I brick my Vera using their automated update page that supposed brings me to the wrong (but latest) firmware for my needs
Why do I have to contact Micasa for the link as the faq states?

It this kind of time sink through ambiguous documentation that discourages me from upgrading. I don’t want to brick the Vera and take even more time to resuscitate it.

Sorry for the dumb question, but what is the proper way to set up for remote access on a UI4 system. I have been so busy getting everything working properly locally that I have not even started to set up for remote access yet. Can somebody point me to the set up instructions. I am already set up for Notifications so I think that was on mios.com or something like that.


Good points. The intermediate thing in the Wiki is based on what others went through and have posted here on the forum, so it appears that something like that is required. I’d definitely contact MCV Support and have them walk you through it, including backing things up first. They know best what needs done in what case and why.

that message is pretty omnious… dare i say an element of foreshadowing?

One day you want to shut the blinds on your house while you are on vacation, but oop, findvera.com is down and instead you see ‘This service doesn’t benefit of updates anymore and it will be discontinued in nearby future.’ coupled with a thread similar to this where other owners have no clue whats going on, and no official response. awesome.

-standalone- firmware release scrubbed of all central management/findvera.com ‘service’ crap - PLEASE – throw us a lifeboat.

Unfortunately the findvera.com hard drive has crashed and we’re working on setting up everything on another server.
Until tomorrow everything should be working as before.
Since UI4 has been released with the new servers structure and notifications, has passed more than 1 year, since then we’ve made major progresses and most of the units using UI2/findvera.com service have upgraded to it.
Some of the users don’t read the forums/wiki to know about our new firmwares and features, that’s why after almost one year
without making any update to UI2/findvera.com we’ve considered that UI4 and the mios services have more features, support more devices and is more stable than the old UI2, and in this case we should inform all the UI2 users to upgrade to it.

Nobody is force to upgrade to UI4, you can use the UI2 as long as you want as a stand alone firmware without the findvera.com services which will be discontinued as all the users migrate to cp.mios.com .
The upgrade from UI2 to UI4 should be made through http://micasaverde.com/vera2, and all your devices/scenes should be preserved. Only the network changes are lost for Vera2 since we’ve upgraded the base operating system to a newer version.

Note: You don’t need any intermediate firmware, the wiki pages are referring to a ‘firmware flash’ procedure, which is done only if your unit doesn’t boot anymore!!!


Thanks for posting.

OK. However, the Update Firmware page (not re-flashing) was updated with the Known Issue in question, because of this report. Reading back a few posts, I did not think @xlurkr had a bricked system at any one time.

its funny you say not many people check the forums and wiki, yet this is where you find the need to post this news. i dont see why MCV is shy about posting in the official blog section where these types of updates would be very nice for owners WHO DO check the forums to try to find out whats going wrong (or prospective buyers!) Is this not the proper forum for such information? why is this stuff coming out AFTER the fact?

while you keep maintaining that users can stay on UI2, you fail to address that this means you are stuck with old zwave firmware, a large amount of fixes (fixes, not just improvements and value adds) missing.

To me it sounds like a crappy option for those who want a standalone firmware. old/buggy code with UI2 or forced central management/cp.mios.com ‘services’ that can go down at any moment without notice and days of downtime.

So I see your point that I don’t need the intermediate FW, but I pulled the wiki page from an Upgrading post from the new upgrading section at http://forum.micasaverde.com/index.php?topic=6878.0 which “silly me” is not about upgrading from within the vera, but about flashing from a pc. (Can you see where one would be confused?) While you can’t take blame for a disjointed post that implies to users that all vera1 upgrades should only be done via pc flash; I would at least recommend you clarify the verbage on the wiki page to say that it’s only for FW flashes from a PC and users can also upgrade via the http://micasaverde.com/vera2 link that does not need an intermediate FW.

Actually, now that I read oTi’s post about update fw page and the know issues


I’m even more confused. I have no desire to spin wheels during the summer figuring this out. I’ll wait to the cold winter when I’m stuck indoors. Hopefully you’ll restore and keep the findvera/mobile access up til then

FYI, I’m clearly aware of UI4, and will probably upgrade, but Vera1 and UI2 works just fine for “me” I just rather be cautious since I haven’t seen much in official activity

Ever heard of a self-healing raid based server cluster ? with a backup server duplication ? with a fallback server in a physically different location ? ( if the building burns down the other one takes over … )

The point of vera is to be able to remote control and monitor. We cannot have a single point of failure… like ’ the drive crashed’. too bad. all 17000 users are out of luck…

Hard drives can and will crash or wear out eventually. Software will crash, Motherboards in servers will fry , power supplies will have blown caps and buildings will burn down. That is why you have more than one disk in more than one server in more than one geographical location. Basics of data warehousing and 5-nines.

That’s just their [tt]findvera.com[/tt] server, which was used for UI2 and UI3 versions.

For UI4, their [tt]cp.mios.com[/tt] infrastructure uses two (or more) servers in different DC’s. UI4 added a bunch of Client logic to have Primary and Failover Node knowledge and it works better (not perfect, but definitely better than the [tt]findvera.com[/tt] stuff)

I’m assuming CJ and co wanted a failover model independant of DDNS (GTM, etc, etc) costs, since a lot of this could have been transparent with those services, but at a premium monthly cost. Tradeoff’s as with everything - esp when you consider there’s no monthly recurring revenue to support it.

There’s ton’s of information posted about this type of stuff over time, esp when there were incidents, you’ve just got to take the time to read through it.