MiOS Application - early Beta enrollment

That’s what we are aiming to build. We are first building the framework to build a good app.
We just injected native script capability so that whatever we develop can be on ios/android/web (the new dashboard inside MiOS is running on nativescript.
Now we need to bring more sophisticated rule engine and integrations, virtual devices…
we already have the starting of “cloud scenes”…now you can create a scene that will run in cloud (great for connecting different things together) and so on.

Really?.. This is what you choose to reply to?

too many moving parts, lets provide you something solid you can chew on…then we can talk…otherwise its just talk…

This is a beta enrollment, I suggest people sign up and seeing what it’s all about before saying it’s no good or it’s not worth it.
This is your chance to help shape the product and make sure it’s something worth paying for. I’m sure the end product will do a lot more then what has being mentioned here so far, they’re not going to build a paid product that only does what people do for free now.

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Thank you!

personally I prefer to pay a control unit 100/200 euros more knowing that I have the guarantee that a great company gives good support and I have no more thoughts, rather than being asked for alms every month or every year.

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The point your are missing is:
Once you paid all your money upfront…you become a “cost center” to the company…they already got your money, so anything extra they do for you after they got your money will cost them money and eating into their profit…

In a monthly model, the company will be working their backsides off to keep you happy every month!

(I prefer you paying all the monies upfront, much better for the company to be honest)

The point you are missing is:

If the hardware would “cost” around 50USD, and you sold it for 250USD, an average life span of 5 years would mean 200/(5×12)=3.33USD per month. Thats how Vera used to do it.

Then release a faster/better “beast” every 2 years gives you 200/(2×12)=8.33USD per month. That’s how vera used to do it.

And that’s how I did it for around 8 years and 4 veras with them untill you bought the company.

This is just a matter of how you look at it and explain it.

I dont frikking care how you do the maths, I only liked a working product and a close user community (like it was).

Now all I see on this forum is a lot of “we are going to” and “we are working on”, “keep them coming guys”. But the reason for ever considering to buy a new vera every 2 years is gone…

No clear migration path, no clear compatibility path and no clear integration path…

That’s why I started to look for alternatives…


are you serious?
would I become a cost? that is, customers who periodically replace the control unit and are happy with the service praise the Vera system and therefore also free advertising but, the new “company” decides to charge less to bind the customer with a subscription …
But the genius who invented this cunning do you know that if a customer is happy they will buy again? In my opinion the cost is who thinks certain things.

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You have it all wrong.
Charging less doesn’t bind the customer. Continually building great products do.
you still have the option to pay all upfront, no one is forcing you to choose a monthly method. Just like you can buy a house all upfront cash or using a mortgage, its your call.
I am at a loss to see what your point is to be honest? :frowning:

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