MiOS App pre-Beta launch!

Hi Everyone,

We are happy to announce pre-Beta of our MiOS app to help you visualize all the integrations and automations your Ezlo Platform brings to you.


  • Dynamic dashboard where you can see and interact with all your devices from all controllers
  • Go to fullscreen (kiosk mode) with your dashboard so that you can use it on a tablet on your wall
  • Select your default dashboard
  • Use existing mobile app feature: camera and doorbell streams

. . .

You can even design your own dashboards and show in fullscreen (kiosk mode) in your MiOS app by going to ezlogic.mios.com and create brand new dashboards.

So feel free to download the app from App Store and try ! app-store-apple-computer-icons-png-favpng-SXKNjLyedz9MmUKnRpWrAxz0U

We are waiting for your feedback!


Great work and a great start guys.

This will be an app to enable dashboards to be used in Mobile phones and Tablets…
you can now put a tablet on the wall and use this application to run in full screen mode!


Apple only? How about the Android version?

IOS was ready and wanted to release it as soon as possible for pre beta tests…

It would be great if you guys would allow this to be run on an Apple Silicon Mac too (I think it is just an App Store setting). The Vera app works great on my MBP M1 so I imagine that the MiOS App will too…

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Amazing guys!

Do you see in the future being able to link and unlink devices from this app? or will it just be an app for control?

Visual + Control only for now…

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Excellent, this dashboard view is so impressive, I love it. :star_struck::star_struck:

Although in the view of the virtual device of the thermostat if you could make some changes or add. I will make some designs and upload them for you to see!

this project is very active and continually developing!!

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Haven’t heard from the new MiOS app for a long time. What’s the current status? Is it still being worked on or has it been discarded? And the old Vera app doesn’t seem to be fixed anymore (problems when switching between LTE/WLAN, “PAASAuthentication” devices, duplicate Alexa devices, etc.).

Its actively worked on.
are you part of the testflight group for the MiOS app?

I have the MiOS app running on a tablet (I have it both on Android and IOS)…

And with “Interaction MeshBots” you can dictate/program what to show/when with the Dashboard…

For example: When there is motion: it shows a Dashboard called “Cameras ALL” where I have all my cameras displayed in a single dashboard…it shows it for 5 sec…(just as an example)…

I’m not part of the testflight group for the MiOS app. I didn’t know there was already an Android version. What do I have to do to take part in the testflight group?