MIOS Acquisition

Our guys should start opening up a “Beta” group to identify volunteers to start testing a brand new Hardware platform (Hub) we have built with its own RTOS (Real Time Operating System). We will need to get as many users as possible testing this brand new platform (of course we will send for free the platform to every beta user).
As I mentioned before we are going with 2 different platforms
1)Our own RTOS (and our own hardware design)
2)Linux based (and a different hardware design but still ours)
There will then be different flavours of the above 2.

So the team is ready to beta test (1). Should be very exciting :)…But PLEASE find as many bugs/issues as possible during this beta phase! Our user base is well known for being “well above average” when it comes to their technical expertise and understanding in the home automation market. So we consider ourselves fortunate that we will have access to this “army of home automation technical experts” who will no doubt hunt down every bug!!! :slight_smile:


will there be an api for plugin authors ? do you plan to have a SDK ?

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Looking forward to this… And will be happy to hammer it to find bugs.

Yes, bring it on

@melih, you’d be fools if you don’t include @rafale77 as one of your beta testers!

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Which of these relates to the current Vera platform though? Will there be continued support in the form of firmware updates for Vera Edge/Plus/Secure hubs as well?

^^^ Not as much as I am, much has been promised and we’re ready to make sure it works perfectly with our devices.


I do appreciated your involvement to this community and I do really hope this time Vera will keep it’s promise. For now I am facing TONS of problems with my vera that are in there for years now.

What I do strongly feel is that your message is just the same one as for years now (remember Marc Shenker?), the only thing that you are adding to it: you now must believe me.

Great. Looking forward to submit my application.

I think there are so many requests you collected during the first phase. Do you have a list of thing you wish to target with this new release? Zigbee, Bluetooth?


Will PLEG be supported or be incorporated into any new hardware/firmware?
How about ALT UI?
How about DataYours?
What is the “roadmap” that people are referring to?

i will try to support ALTUI but that depends on availability of an API / documentation and having beta program access


Ditto with my apps including DataYours.


Don’t know about PLEG, but like @amg0, I’ll make Reactor and all of my other plugins work anywhere that I have sufficient access to developer tools and support. Actually, I’m really excited to do this, as many great suggestions have been made for improving the APIs that could really help us take things to the next level.



They said (for now?) no support for third party plugins, so we as plugin developers can keep our focus on the existing platforms. No point in spending time on the Atom. Read the current specs here Beta Test Our New Ezlo Atom

Cheers Rene

We think that developers, even without the support for plugins at the moment, are the best critical eye we can get for a new product, giving their technical understanding of the underlying of a device or service.

Keep in mind that you get to keep the product and be first to test new features as they come.

Hi Sorin,

True, but i mean for updating our current plugins as the above articles are referring to. And many developers are not in the US, so cannot be in the Beta either.

Cheers Rene

From the announcement:

Just pointing out, our plugins don’t seem to be an issue for this Beta, at least, not in a way that would seem to make any work for us. @Sorin, have I read this correctly?

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Do you have plugin support ? Add me as a Beta User candidate.
I will provide Vera Alert and Program Logic capability.
These are two very popular Plugins on Vera.
If the base system has enough functionality … these may not be needed … but I will be able to decide and advise existing users based on results of the Beta evaluation.


Richard, the Atom does not have plugin support just yet but we’d love to have you on board anyway. I’ll send you a private message.

I d like to try, but I am in EMEA. do you have beta for EMEA support sometime ?