MIOS Acquisition

New Firmware development is going well so far. We finished the initial version and deployed it successfully on the Vera hardware. Its a complete re-write. Much MUCH faster! we still have to make sure all the backward compatibility work is done.

We do have new shiny stuff coming this summer :slight_smile:


This is great news! Thank you for the update. Will you be providing early access to community developers for testing?


Sounds awesome.

Btw regarding the last public firmware release, I’ve been finding it much more consistent and responsive. To the point were I no longer need daily reboots, I just have a weekly reboot now, but I might even make that monthly as I’m not seeing any performance drop off by the end of the week at all.

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glad to hear. the brand new re-written firmware is going to be way faster and has been properly architected.


Will it be an upgrade? Or will we need to recovery and reconfigure from scratch? Perhaps backup & restare?

we are trying to make it backward compatible…wish us luck! :slight_smile:


Melih, I do really hope this will solve a lot of at least my problems… Since the last Vera firmware update I have a ton of extra problems in my Vera… Working with support to address them and I hope at least solve them!

once the new firmware is out…we won’t rest until you are 100% happy!


…the way some people are around here, you won’t be getting much sleep however good it is! :wink:


sleep is overrated :slight_smile:


sleep is overrated

Sleep is not overrated. Its really sad to see such statements from company owners and leaders and I really hope this is not a culture which is pressed down on your employees.

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trygve…chill will you…its a joke…


Likely an underdeveloped sense of humor - my wife suffers from the same condition. :grin:

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Sorry for my stupid question, but… Is this new improved and fast firmware the new UI? Or UI doesn’t have anything related with firmwares…???

The firmware includes the UI so yes, the new firmware will have a new UI.

In my opinion, the web UI is good enough, the problem is the mobile UI. The best would be to develop an Android/iOs application instead of web mobile UI…

“We do have new shiny stuff coming this summer :slight_smile:

It’s Summer! :wink:

Ok, so in all seriousness, do you have an ETA in mind for releasing?

“trygve…chill will you…its a joke…”

Most likely this is the same type of person that complains that there isn’t enough representation in games of people with non-hetero sexual orientations, then starts screaming bloody murder and “exploitation” when a game studio includes a “trans” character in their game. Best to ignore the noise. We appreciate your sacrifices.

Thanks for your reply

Summer actually started on friday 21th.
But @melih didn’t state if he was referring to the Southern Hemisphere :laughing: