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Hi, gang. I have not logged into the community in awhile and am checking in to see the new firmware. I have tried reading the posts but don’t see anything about it. Did I miss something? If I recall it was last August we were told to be patient and wait 6 months for it. Are we seriously approaching a year and we have nothing? I hope I am wrong and someone can kindly point me in the right direction. :slight_smile:

@randya What version are you on? eZLO released 1.7.4452 and 1.7.4453 for the Edge and Plus a few months back.

yes, I am on 1.7.4453 but was under the impression this was not the long awaited firmware. Am I wrong in thinking that? It didn’t seem to do much, unless it is all under the hood. But I thought the new stuff we are waiting for was backend, frontend, app… the whole package which is why we had to wait so long.

The firmware release was all about stability. The big rewrite is still in works per @melih and @Sorin. They may be able to provide more info as to when the new final rewrite will be out . A positive note is that the eZLO device is supposed to arrive today and I think that this is part of the new direction that they are going with the complete rewrite.

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Thank you for the information. I will be interested to hear how the new device works for you.

Melih, I’m sure it’s great, but understand that from the perspective of your current legacy user base, that product isn’t even capable enough for you or anyone else to reasonably judge how good its performance is. It just too basic right now, so much so that I don’t think any of us with 25, 50 or 100 devices has bothered to try, simply because our labs are our homes, and there’s a heavy cost to breaking a working, spouse-facing home automation system. It would be a fool’s errand, because it can’t replace what we already have, performance or not.

I’m sure Atom’s great day will come, but at the moment, it doesn’t address the needs of the primary consumers of this thread.

@rigpapa what its capable of vs legacy systems are two different issues.
You are saying you haven’t bothered to try, which is fine. That doesn’t make the product basic.

It is because it is basic that I haven’t tried. The current scene model is completely inadequate to implement the most basic things my family has come to expect from the system.


I tried… I can’t do anything with it at the moment. I can’t comment on how good it is. I certainly appreciate the advanced notification and sharing. Don’t get me wrong. I think you are building something interesting. It is yet too early to judge or for any of us to provide you feedback on the device because… we already have built something with the old platform and… your new ones doesn’t fit in it and is not nearly as capable yet as the old. The transition will be a humongous challenge and even for early testing is just not a viable option at this point and certainly not a cost effective or time effective one.

I understand @rigpapa that you are using reactor and unless reactor works with ezlo you can’t use it because reactor has great capabilities etc. That still doesn’t make the zwave stack (which is the question I was answering, not the scene creation capability) it has “basic”.

The question i was answering is repeated below:

I remember the excitement we all felt reading the news of the Mios acquisition, but to tell The truth after 1yr and a half I’m not happy at all. There has been some stability improvement for sure, and some more devices are now supported, but as an end user I see many devices not supported or not working well, a complete drop on vera plus and Vera secure feature (zigbee still left behind, Bluetooth removed, the lack of security like S2 for a “secure” hub - so I’m wondering why I bought a VP) and a really slow firmware development.
I understand Ezlo is investing in new products, but right now The old one’s do not work properly (and there are more new devices that The one you are supporting) and the new one’s are far from beeing a replacement.
I remember Vera said they hired many more engineers, but splitting them on so many areas (backend, online services, Linux firmware, old firmware, iOS and Android apps) didn’t show a real change.

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I don’t know if you saw my post this morning about what worked and what didn’t with mios and overall I feel like you are redoing and changing a large part of what worked while not evidently doing anything about what didn’t.
Truth be told, with a lot of work and tweaking and a little help from your devs on changing, updating, refactoring the zwave and the zigbee stack, the old vera could be the benchmark on the market because of the great things about it: lua, the local UI and API which are much better than all the others I looked at. We could almost live with all the other idiotic defects on the rest of the firmware with hopes that they would get gradually fixed and would have community generated workarounds or enhancements.
When ezlo acquired mcv we were indeed excited about the perspective of some major changes but we are indeed almost 2 years down the road and starting something brand new has become more of a burden than excitement. Especially when it offers so little extra functionality if at all. It’s interesting but meh… we can already pretty much everything with open source software on much better hardware and more mature platforms. So why not just use what worked, enhance it, put new hardware out to improve on the same platform, evolve it rather than radically change everything? Just a thought.


I agree not sure the old ones will ever work properly.
Not sure why Ezlo continues to sell the Vera line if it is not working as advertised.

The fiasco with the latest firmware still leaves a bitter taste, how could it have been released? Why?

I am sure everyone is working hard but as Bill Gates said.

“Sometimes when you innovate, you make mistakes. It is best to admit them quickly, and get on with improving your other innovations.”

Maybe its time for Ezlo to move on from the Vera line and focus on their own Ezlo products, this way as Vera end users we know our future.

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Personally, I’m watching HS4 and Hubitat closely as I’m fed up with all the Vera issues and the recent 7.30 Charlie Foxtrot where Vera/Ezlo went MIA leaving us all severly pissed off with our borked and unstable VP’s!

Frankly since 7.29 the Vera FW has been mostly an unstable mess, 7.31 is better but seems to have caused a lot of folk here issues (thankfully my VP seems ok on 7.31).

If that’s how you feel, just don’t update the firmware. I prefer them to actually try make things better than just ditch us. There seems to be quite a few people that are very trigger happy on updating their system while not actually benefiting from any of the new features. I understand, and agree with the idea that a released firmware should work but given the track record why tempt fate?

I would agree with you 100%. I do not want them to ditch us, but if that is the plan I hope they do the right thing and tell Vera users of our fate.

People update so that it can fix issues that the firmware has. It is pretty simple.

We were promised a new RTOS FW for our Edge and Plus units as they are vastly more powerful than what is required to be a great HAC. The only reason they arent fast now is all the baggage and poor decisions made under the MCV ownership.

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I agree, After much investigation, I can see that the hardware is plenty capable and these units have no justifications for replacements from a capability perspective.
Even the limited RAM and flash memory are weaknesses which can be easily worked with if used properly and I truly believe that’s what the RTOS firmwares will do.
The issue to me is speed of execution and compatibility.

Putting out too steep of a learning curve and people will bail to other more mature platforms. Taking too much time to deliver it will cause the same. New products from eZLO are coming out but the firmware so far is lightyears from matching the old capabilities. It’s rough.

I am seeing in various forum an increase of “hybrid” setups: Home Assistant as the automation layer, controlling Hubitat as a device controller. Some people do this also with Home Assistant and openhab and a vera, here many use openluup + vera. I am moving towards openluup + z-way+ homeassistant. Heck I even toyed with Homeseer + vera hardware, bypassing the vera software.

In my years of software development I’ve seen situations like this before. A product goes through many many changes in response to users requests for new features or to deal with errors and malfunction. Unfortunately those making changes don’t really understand what’s already there. The long term result is that the additions/changes/hacks create a design that is unworkable and unmaintainable. Perhaps I’m being optimistic but my hope is that the coming RTOS version will incorporate all that was learned along the way into the next generation. Of course this presumes that the development team is working from a well designed and documented list of requirements. You can’t hit a moving target and you have to have something to test against. For a product that is expected to run 24/7 365 testing should be automated and it should run 24/7 as well. I’m probably expecting too much.

I have no idea what Ezlo is doing. There seems to be no focus, with capacity split as it seems to be; current users are apparently not the main target audience of the new product line, or at least the step will be so steep it will be like starting over; the expert users don’t get the respect they deserve; firmware upgrades are a disaster: no way that I’ll upgrade, risking having no HA for days or weeks. Meanwhile support is not even really trying, with emails not being read and asking stupid questions.

Perhaps the Ezlo line could become something, some day. But we’ll see when we get there. Atm it’s work in progress, or an innovation project that will have to proof itself. Meanwhile, during the next few years i want a machine that is kept up to date. And no, suggesting not to upgrade is the opposite of what I want and expect: i want frequent easy upgrades adding support and fixes. And i don’t believe Vera will ever be given that.

So, if for the next few year(s?) Ezlo can’t offer me a decent Vera nor a decent replacement, what am i supposed to do? @melih, do you recognize this problematic situation and could you take a firm stand: are you here still (really) for the current users?


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