Mios Account cannot re-add a controller

Looks like I am having a difficulty that came out of the down time yesterday.

When trying to log into my Mios Account yesterday it said I didn’t have an account (basically) so I proceeded to re-add (probably a mistake but didn’t recognize the Mios issue at that point).

However it let me re-add which means the account had been deleted.

Now I cannot re-add my controller, when I try it says the SN and MAC are incorrect (another time when I tried it said it could see the controller but could not add it).

Any ideas how to get my controller readded?


I’ve checked our database and as far as I can see you have two identical usernames created on our two portal pages. From your description I can see that you’re trying to login on our newer portal at home.getvera.com instead of the older cp.mios.com which is designed to be used with the software you have installed on your unit (UI5).

Can you use the older portal page at cp.mios.com to login and see if you still experience the same issue ? If you do you can try to reset the password from the page below :


OK, went to https://cp.mios.com keyed in my original creds and all started to work again (from the VeraLite as well to which it connected immediately).

My mobile app also started to work.

Thanks for the speedy help on this!