Minimote as secondary controller, dimmer function fails

I first used a Aeon Labs minimote to control a few Fibaro dimmers in my kitchen. This worked well. Today I changed the configuration and made the minimote a secondary controller with Vera 3 being the primary controller. I assigned the same dimmers to the minimote again (through scenes). But now i can only use the buttons to switch on or off. No dimmer function anymore…

Hello Erik01

Please review this thread and instruction,8630.0.html

Thanks for your reply Brientim,

I just did that all. The Minimote in on firmware 1.17 and the Vera 3 lite is on 1.5408.
I can add scenes to the buttons of the Minimote. But when you use the Minimote as primary controller each button has 3 functions: on, off and dimming. Now with the Minimote as secondary controller the dimming function seems to be lost. You can make a scene ‘on’ and one ‘off’, but i see no way to include the dimming function.

That’s right, Erik01. The buttons do different things when you configure the Minimote as a scene controller. Were you led to believe that you’d still have the dimming-ramp-on-hold functionality?

If you need to dim to a preset level, you can make a scene that does that, and associate one of the eight button-presses to it. That’s what I do.

Edit: curse you, autocorrect.

So that is most disappointing. Using Vera means less functionality in this case. Is there any chance that there will be a software update that will bring the dimming functionality back? Otherwise I will go back to the situation where the Minimote is the primary controller (not part of the Vera configuration).
Could I still include the dimmers in the Vera network as well in that case?

I am facing the same problem. Why no option to tell the minimote button acting “normal” without need to create a scene. Example for shutters, when i start openning or closing, I can not stop them from opening or closing except creating a third scene with “stop” action.

And i do not speak about the stupid bug that up/down button are reversed of opening closing in ui5.

Have a look at this post for some Minimote as secondary controller possibilities.