MIMOlite Garage Door Plugin code Help

Need help editing code on MIMOlite Garage Door Plugin.

The open and closed is backwards according to their wiring diagram and the way every alarm door contact works.

So right not when door is opened it reads and shows closed and when closed it reads and shows opened. I’m assuming this can be fixed in the JSON code, but after several attempts I still have same thing.

I have Tried Pm’ing the developer and with only 4 posts hes not a regular.

I use Garage Door version 1.20, and it works perfectly. I am using the Mimo too.

I’m starting to try it out. Wheres the setup instructions to get it working? Showed up as a lock for me.

Unlock equals Open(ed)
Locked equals Close(d)

I use the Homewave app and changed the text on my iPhone to “Open” and “Closed” for clarity.

Thanks, I’ll stick with the other app then. I run both Ipad and Andriod phones have to deal with cleaning it up on each device is much worse.